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Codex Review - Wolf Standard

Captured at Talavera

What is it?

Sometimes a Grey Hunter who has shown exceptional bravery will be given the honour of carrying the Wolf Standard into battle. In game terms, it's a 10 point upgrade for a unit of Grey Hunters.

What does it do?

For one round of assault you can re-roll all '1's. So, that's difficult terrain rolls, dangerous terrain rolls, to hit rolls, to wound rolls, saving throws and Mark of the Wulfen rolls.

Any Good?

For a long time, I didn't take this but Mick kept going on about how awesome it was so I gave it a try. First couple of games using it, I rolled nothing but '2's! Since then, I've had times where it's been brilliant and times where it's been underwhelming.

For example, I've taken charges from Necron Wraiths and Blood Angel Assault Squads and taken no wounds thanks to the banner. It's also great for Power Fists especially when you've rolled a '1' for the to wound roll.


The way that it's worded is that it affects the "following assault phase". This means that you have to declare using it during the movement phase or the shooting phase. This is especially important on your opponent's turn. Don't get me wrong, most people are good if you don't announce it unit the assault phase but they'd be well within their rights to not allow it during a tournament. In fact, people are entitled not to charge your unit if you've declared you're using the Standard which would mean you've wasted it, although I've never actually seen this done.


As mentioned, you get a re-roll for your MotW rolls with the Standard so that's a good mix as it means potentially more attacks and also potentially another chance for rends. I've also seen people run a Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour with their Grey Hunters which can make that guy very hard to kill for a turn. Even more so if he has a Storm Shield making him an ideal way of soaking up Power Weapon attacks.

In fact, for me, the best thing about the standard is the re-roll of the saving throw. Against anything without armour-ignoring weapons it makes your Grey Hunters almost like Terminators for a turn.

Big or Small?

I've only ever used the Standard on big squads (8-10 models) reasoning that more dice rolled = more '1's rolled = more re-rolls. However, I could see an argument for using it with small squads, since in that case each '1' your roll is proportionally more important. I'd love to know what peoples' views are on this.

Wolf Standard, yay or nay? Please feel free to share your sagas of '1's magically becoming '6's below the line...


  1. WS only lets you reroll "rolls of a 1 on a d6" so it won't help you on difficult terrain as this is a 2d6 roll like leadership and morale tests

  2. Like you I didn't take WS to begin with as I didn't see that it would be that effective, but now, it is an absolute must for all my squads and I'd struggle to decide between it and a meltagun if points were tight.  I have actually also been in a situation where a squad chose not to charge my squad because I'd declared the WS.  Its an almost equally useful outcome as it give you the chance to shoot pistols at the squad, and get the charge on them in the next turn if you choose.

    In response to what Jimmy points out, I take a different view.  When you look at the explanation in the FAQ, it says that it doesn't work for a leadership check as you can't roll a 1 (because the 2 dice are added together, the lowest you can roll is 2), whereas each of the D6 are essentially separate rolls that you choose from for difficult terrain tests, so I would say that you can re-roll either of them if they turn up 1.

  3. DIfficult Terrain isn't actually a 2D6 roll though, it's essentially two D6 rolls and you pick the highest. It's an important differentiation as by all accounts, there is a Necron character who makes you roll 1D6 (or 1D6 less - not sure of the wording) for Difficult Terrain tests.

    Leadership checks are a 2D6 roll though and are explicitly mentioned in the Space Wolf FAQ as not being re-rollable with the Standard.

  4. In the last UKGT they FAQ''s it saying you declared it in the assault phase which I think was good.

  5. That really depends on how it's worded - "in the assault phase" implies I can roll my first lot of dice and then decide I want to use it.

    I think that it's worded the way that it is in the codex is so that it gives your opponent the choice no to charge.

    A good compromise would be that you have to declare it at the start of the phase, before assault moves are made. I'd add a caveat tho - if you unfurl it after you've been charged you have to give your opponent the option to take back their assault.

  6. I'm not sure I'd take it over a Meltagun but I've found the Standard amazing, especially in those combats that you either have to win or have to not lose. Although I am still pretty good at rolling '2's!

    As I said to Jimmy, I completely agree with your interpretation of the Difficult Terrain roll


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