Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Musings - Is missile spam over?

So this week Gav left me with the Monday musings I am left thinking about my list and if it needs to change after the release of Grey Knights and Necrons.

This has mainly come about after a thread on Bolter and Chainsword asked if the day of missile spam was dead. My immediate thought was no, why would it be, after all Quantum shielding is only one round but then I got to thinking about the role of the missile launcher.

There's no doubt that there are better tools to do the job of popping transports, the melta gun is the obvious one so what do I look for my missiles to do. The answer is clear, suppressive fire, I don't mind if enemy transports aren't destroyed as long as I limit their mobility that allows me to claim the midfield. With Necrons Living Metal and the Grey Knights pyschic powers this becomes a little bit more unlikely so I am left asking do I need to change what I am doing?

The answer I came to is no, 15 missile launchers and 3 squad leaders comes to 420 points, 10 lascannons + squad leaders comes to 430, the 10 lascannons do produce slightly more penetrating hits against quantum shielding however you also miss one a lot more when they die. Another of the big factors I think you will see when it comes to necrons is scarabs, those could well be target number one for my long fangs, missile launchers or las cannons both instant death them so whats better 15 missile launchers or 10 lascannons.

For me the missile launcher still remains the jack of all trades when it comes to heavy support, yes there are more specialised weapons but they come at a cost.

Looking forward to seeing peoples views as always.


  1. I agree missile launchers will still be the go to weapon for you to be honest. How cheap and well rounded they are still benefits them and that hasn't changed with Necrons. As you say Scarabs will be the go to thing for Necron players and missiles will still be good enough for that. Although even one squad of Lascannons could help to get rid of Quantum Shielding but there are many more things for that. Quantum Shielding against melta for example. Stick with the Missiles.

  2. Missile Launchers should always be the first thing on your list as they just have the versatility to deal with Hordes & Tanks. Are they top notch at either, well no. But they can do both and thats the advantage!

  3. I'm with everyone else, missiles are a great all around weapon. That being said, I like to ensure my lists have something for everything and so I do have a few lascannons, some melta and plasma. I've never adhered to the thought that one weapon is so good that everyone who can carry it should. So, neither Necrons or Grey Knights have changed anything for me regarding what I carry.

  4. Can't speak about Necrons yet, but if GK keep on taking over the UK tournament scene then I think missile spam will start to die off as "suppression fire" is no longer viable.

    If Necrons take off then it will happen quicker as they have the new living metal, quantum shielding, get back up regardless of instant kill/removal (a la jaws), and cannot be phased out.

    If both happen I think even melta spam might start to drop off a bit as Necrons as well as GK seen to brutalise anything within 24 inches.

    That's my 2 cents

  5. Not sure I understand your point RE melta spam and Necrons, for me it will continue because you have to close the range with Necrons, you don't want a shooting match with them you need to run them off the board in CC. Also where does it say that they get WWB roles against jaws?


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