Monday, 20 February 2012

UK GT Horde Blood Angels - Take 2

The deadline for list submission draws closer and I've made a few revisions to my original list (here).

The first list had an unnecessary amount of scoring so I trimmed the Tactical squads down to one as they do not really add anything offensive to the list. I also swapped out their Melta and Power Fist to save points but I also found that they really didn't need it so the double flamer adds a bit of versatility into the list.

The Terminators are good but with no transport they can be easily avoided, I felt I still needed a threatening close combat unit so I've added a unit of Sanguinary Guard. Mobile without the need to invest in a Land Raider.

Lastly Mephiston, he's just too good to leave out really. His effectiveness has been adversely affected by Grey Knights and Dark Eldar but against anyone else he's a total beast and even against GK & DE he can be useful.

Enough pre-amble, here's the list:

Sanguinary Guard (x5, 1x Power Fist, 2x Infernus Pistols, ChBanner)
Sternguard (x5, 2x Lascannon)
Sanguinary Priest (x3, 1x Jump Pack)
Assault Squad (x10, 2x Meltagun, 1x Power Fist)
Assault Squad (x10, 2x Meltagun, 1x Power Fist)
Tactical Squad (x10, 1x Flamer,  1x Missile Launcher, 1x Combi-Flamer)
Devastator Squad (x5, 4x Missile Launcher)
Devastator Squad (x5, 4x Missile Launcher)

54 Models, 11 Kill Points (without Combat Squads).

Two very noticeable things are missing, no ability to tank-shock and no invulnerable saves.

 Without any AV on the board I'll have to be careful about how I defend my objectives, I have enough Melta to make most vehicles think twice before tank shocking but I'll have to be careful with my placement, my mobility should help with this.

I think I can compensate for the lack of invulnerable saves, again, by having the mobility to be able to pick my fights. The Devs, Sternguard and Tac Squad will stay back to provide long range fire while the rest of the army bounces around as required.

The basic game plan is two-fold, firstly there's the durability angle, I have a lot of bodies and the ability to spread Feel No Pain across a fairly wide area. Secondly I'll be going for mid-board control with Meph and the Sanguinary Guard providing the counter assault threat. But given the inherent weaknesses in my list I'll have to be flexible based on the army across the table from me.

Any comments guys?


  1. love it. i feel blood angels can pull off the horde marines real well

  2. i have 68 models in mine. fleshtearers fluffy for me

  3. 3rd time's the charm for posting: I've tried twice from my phone already...

    I've been chatting with a buddy that runs BA and so far he's adamant that a Sang Guard unit will only work well with a Banner because it buffs the army hugely (re-rolls to Pinning is massive) simply beyond giving them more attacks because it keeps the army moving, which allows your Jumpers to stay mobile.

    On the subject of mobility I think that you could use Attack Bikes in the list as they will support and benefit from the rest of the army with their fast-moving Meltas demeching Infantry from APCs and hunting other high priority threats (Necron Lords in Barges) that the rest of the army can deal with while also benefiting from FNP & FC if within 6" of the Priests (although I think the 3rd Priest might be one too many) so they become harder to shift. Besides that, 9 S5 attacks isn't to be sniffed at.

    Plus their guns are better than the Lascannons in the Sternguard unit because of AP1 and their speed which allows them to get into the side arcs of vehicles to massively increase your chances of doing damage against vehicles. Whether having 3 solos or 1 unit of 3 is better I'm not certain, but if you could drop a Priest or turn the Tacs in CamoScouts you can free up points to get 2 units of 2 ABs.

  4.  Thanks for persisting with your post, I think that's a great suggestion. The only down-side is that I don't have any Attack Bikes at the moment but it sounds like a great excuse to go out and get some, also I've got plenty of time to paint them up still.

  5. Looks interesting to me, i've never thought about using sternguard with jumpers before, but seems like a good way to get some more long range shooting.

    There is quite a lot that's like my current list, and quite a lot that's different. I'm Currently thinking of adding assault bikes like Stormy has suggested, have a look and see what you think

    Librarian with jump pack
    2 x Priests with power weapons and jump packs
    3 x assault squad with double melta and power fist
    Sanguinary guard with double inferno and banner
    2 x assault bike with melta
    3 x devastator with 4 missiles

  6. Really like the list, great combination of shooty and jumpy. Reminds me of my original old school BA army.

    As Spinitron mentioned I think the Sternguard are a nice touch, the extra punch they can lend if things get close in the backfield could be particularly handy too.How do you see yourself splitting your Priests up between the different elements, do you think the one with the JP could end up a little stretched between trying to buff the three assault units or do you keep him with the Sang Guard as priority? (I ask as I'm considering dropping one of mine - my list has changed recently and I'm left with two Priests jumping alongside 2x10 RAS which is maybe a little overkill)As for the Attack Bikes I like the idea but I think with the melta, las and missiles in your list already you've got a fairly hefty anti-AV punch. I'm sure it's good keeping those options in mind though with plenty of time to consider them as you have.

  7.  Hey RebelGrot, thanks for the comment..

    I'm realistic that I can't cover all of my units with only 3 priests but I'm going to have to identify where I need the support most. However The plan with the Jump Priest is to keep him with the Sang Guard
    initially to give them the extra combat punch and survivability. But I
    would try not to put him into a combat situation so when the time comes
    for them to charge I will look to split him off. He'll then be looking
    to support the most needy unit.

    I think the Bikes are a good option because it gives me some mobile heavy weaponry so I'm not quite so hampered in DoW deployment. Dropping my only s9 for them is a tricky decision though.

  8. Hey, yeah the advantages are definitely there. If you took two bikes could/would you maybe use the spare points and risk diluting the Dev's and add the Las in there?


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