Saturday, 27 April 2013

Armageddon It!

I've decided to take the plunge and organise a club campaign. I've coerced five others to join in with me, giving us six players in total to recreate the first war of Armageddon.

The first war of Armageddon, for those not in the know, was the conflict between the defending Imperial forces and the marauding Khorne Legions, led by Angry Ron, the Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters. In our game, we have the following forces:

Squat Guard (me)
IG / Terminator Marines ( John H)
Eldar (Graham W)

Khorne Daemons & CSMs (Andy)
Orks (Daryl)
Necrons (Duncs)

The campaign will be every man for himself - a six-way fight for control of Hive-City Anthrand, an Imperial manufactorum to the east of Armageddon Prime, the main continental land-mass on the planet. Floating above the planet is the warp-twisted Space-Hulk classified as the Abominous, from which the forces of Chaos have descended.  

We join the action in the early stages of the war. The six armies are spread over the plains surrounding the Hive-City, and also engaged in skirmishes aboard the space-hulk Abominous. The theatre of war is divided up into jungle areas, desert, rough land, a space-port and of course the Hive-City itself. Scenery and terrain will be selected according to the area being contested - for example, jungle battles will be fought on densely-packed forest boards, whilst desert battles feature great expanses of open ground with only the occasional patch of low cover to hide the warring armies. Control of the Space-Hulk will be determined by a series of engagements to be fought in a Zone Mortalis board.

The six players begin the campaign by taking turns selecting territories. In this way, players can choose the boards whose terrain best suits their style of play and the strengths of their army. Then, the war will be divided into a series of campaign rounds, each comprising one game per player. In each round, the players will have the opportunity to challenge one other opponent for control of one of their territories.

Will you go all-out to lay claim to the Hive-City immediately?

Or will you build slowly, strategically claiming control of the space-port and Space-Hulk, using the special rules these territories provide you to claim victory in the long war?

In the War for Armageddon, only one thing is for sure. The road to Hive-City Anthrand will be long, and littered with the broken armies of all but one victorious warlord!

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  1. Ok, so tried out the first run-through of the campaign mechanic in Excel this evening. It was alright, but the campaign was well into it's 15th week without a clear winner being anywhere close to emerging. Also, some of the territories were just filler - not worth taking.

    So, I have plans to make the mechanic quicker and deadlier, and to make all the territories worth contesting, not just the hive-boards...

    Watch this space!


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