Thursday, 25 April 2013

Best 40K Cosplay Ever!!

Just a little insomnia fueled blog post here to update you on my Helldrake progress and to share a pretty amazing piece of Cosplay I just spotted via Kotaku.


Firstly this has to be the best attempt at a Terminator suit I've ever seen and extra props go out to Roses & Boltshells for keeping it Imperial Fists! Love it! Check out the Kotaku article (there's a video of the suit in action too) or visit Roses & Boltshells on their Facebook site.

As you may have seen I'm taking part in the 40K UK podcast's Age of Armies campaign and my first month's commitment is to build and paint a Helldrake. I'm doing my best to imitate Buy Painted's flames technique which you can see demonstrated here and here. The pictures below show my progress on airbrushing the pattern which is now compete ... Up next is the banding, #shudder!

Base pattern applied.
Base pattern coloured
Yellow layer and White highlight added, then over-sprayed with Orange - Done!

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