Sunday, 14 April 2013

The burning question.

I had a great game against Grazer yesterday at Warhammer World. Dave (Smokey D) was also there having a great time playing  a 200pts Kill Team campaign, but I'm sure he'll want to talk about that himself!

I lost my game, but it was an interesting test of my daemons. This time I played a 80/20 Tzeentch/Khorne list to try some combinations out. I won to go first, so I plonked my army down ready to do fly all the big stuff 24" and everything else between 12"-18". As we had rolled Hammer & Anvil this would have put my right in Grazer's face ready to do some big monstrous creature punching of his tanks.

However, he stole the initiative and so he proceeded to hurl ordnance and a mass of Str 5-7 weaponry at me. I lost a Soul Grinder and took a collection of wounds but most of my big stuff stayed in the air through my 'magic' dice. He had vendettas in reserve which scared me more.

On my turn I got a lot closer to him and fired a reasonable amount of (mostly psychic) shooting at him. I took at least one chimera down, but more importantly I would be within range for next turn. Also, my troops started to deep strike now and were in good positions.

Turn 2 was a turning point for me. Most of Grazer's shooting was ineffective although a couple of my big dudes were down to one wound now. This helped even out the battle somewhat, and over the next few turns I started to work my way through his tanks and infantry. I took his vendettas down on turn 5/6 if I remember right.

I didn't however win though. I grabbed the relic on turn 4, but he hauled up a Chimera and unloaded a squad which overwhelmed the 3 horrors defending. On turn 6 I blasted them off it again, leaving the relic undefended. In fact at the end of turn 6 Grazer had a solitary Storm-Trooper Squat left, I had about 10 troops, some flamers, an immobilised Soul Grinder and a Tzeentch chariot remaining.

But I lost on points in the end, a good game though and I'm really starting to get a handle on my army now.

I discussed with Grazer the possibility of a house rule on my Burning Chariot of Tzeentch. If you search the interwebz, you'll know all about the controversy surrounding the heavy weapons on the rider. It means you can't move and fire. Normally as a fast skimmer it would be able to fire 12" and fire both weapons, but I think the intention is that it can move 12" and fire ONE weapon. Until this is FAQ'ed I'm going to suggest that we play it where it can move 6" and fire ONE weapon or move flat-out and fire none. This seems a reasonable compromise between RAW and RAI.

Other than that, I'm loving Kairos. He (it?!) isn't as powerful as before, but he's a LOT more fun to play!


  1. Not sure I really deserved to win as I only had one model left (that Storm Trooper has now been promoted!) but it was indeed a really close and tense game.

    I really concentrated on playing the mission, especially from turn 3 onward, from which point I was constantly running through the primary and secondary mission VP's in my head.

    In the first turn I pushed forward too aggressively and lost most of a unit of Veterans; I quickly realised this was too much too soon, so I withdrew what was left and sat back to shoot. Daryl's Daemons were on me by turns two and three, so I had plenty of targets to shoot at!

    Towards the end of the game, Daryl was all over me - his Flamers and Screamers in particular w're very effective. I think the only mistake Daryl made was not flooding the objective with troops - if he had, he would have had an easy 5-3 victory but as it was, my Storm Trooper held out and the Daemon infestation was held at bay for another week!

  2. Indeed, I made the classic mistake of forgetting the objectives and getting too focused on wiping my opponent out. I had 40 troops in total, so plenty to take and hold the objective.

    As ever, it's a learning and refinement process. I've decided to stay pure Tzeentch and make it work for me. Today I've finally painted up 2 spawn, although I'm not sure yet I'm going to fielding the mutating warp blade, but we will see!


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