Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Boys are Back in Town

So, here's the Ork list that Andy has prepared for me:


Warboss, Warbike, Power Klaw

Big Mek, Kustom Force Field


6 Lootas

6 Lootas


6 Nobz, Painboy, Warbikes, 2 Power Klaws, Big Choppa, Boss Pole, Waaagh Banner,

20 Boyz, Shootas

19 Boyz, Shootas

30 Boys, Sluggas

Heavy Support

3 Killa Kanz, Kustom Mega-Blasta

Battle Wagon, Red Paint Job, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota

Battle Wagon, Red Paint Job, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota

Shoota Boyz and Big Mek go in Battle Waggons and Warboss goes with Nob Bikers. Hmm, so Battle Wagons go together to benefit from a 4+ save and trundle 13" forward a turn so they should get a turn 2 or 3 assault. Bikes can Turbo-Boost turn 1 to get a turn 2 assault. Lootas sit at the back in cover and shoot at any Speeders, Rhinos and Razorbacks in range. Then the Killa Kanz are a counter attack unit and the big mob of Boyz can either sit back claiming quarters/objectives or move forward behind anything else and jump on anything that survives the first wave. Not really convinced by the Killa Kanz, I think that I'd rather have some Warbuggies or Deffkoptas for some fast nuisance units but we'll see how we get on.


  1. Can't believe you used that title!!! :P
    I do like the list I was thinking of something similar. I would probably have 3 x 5 units of Lootas. They are still cabable of killing small vehicles and they are small enough to deter the opponent to throw some heavy fire at them. Worst case if you take too many wounds you can always go to ground. Better to stay inactive for 1 turn that die.
    Not sure about the killa kans either. I would drop the 3rd ork squad down to 20 boys and get me some fast attack like you said. Deffkoptas or buggies or both! They can be really good if you are careful with them.

  2. Sorry, it was my intention that every post on the blog would be named after a song and when I saw yours I thought, "I'll have that!" I did drop the 'z' though :-)

    Hopefully I'll have the battle report up later today so we'll see how this list got on...

  3. hehe cool! Let me know how it goes.
    I am still unsure what to put in my list too. Only things I definitely want to use are the 3 x 5 Lootas (very effective) and the Bikerboss with Bikernobz (nice FW models and conversions).

  4. A little foreshadowing to rachet up the tension - I wish that I'd had a 3rd unit of Lootas...



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