Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rouke's Drift

I've got a 1750 point Open War warm up game with Andy tonight. I'm running this list and Andy is bringing one of his myriad armies (Orks, Marines, Blood Angels) Now, the reason for me writing this post is for me to keep my tactics at the forefront of my mind. What would those tactics be? Stand and shoot. Then shoot some more. Then keep shooting. Stay away from the enemy and shoot. Oh, and don't forget to shoot. So, everything deploys as far away from the enemy as possible to take advantage of my range apart from the Lone Wolf and Dreadnought who go forward to tarpit enemy assault units. The Land Speeders go into reserve and either Deep Strike or enter from my board edge and the Assault Cannon Razorbacks also go into reserve so that they can come on when the enemy are in range. The Wolf Scouts go round the back and hopefully give the enemy some deployment headaches. The Vindicator sets up somewhere it can act as area denial and a bullet catcher. Well, let's see how long it takes me to forget all of this...

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