Friday, 10 September 2010

Front rank; Fire!

Svengril sighed. He hated fighting against fellow Space Marines. He knew there was no reasoning with them though, he knew his Space Wolves would have to fight.

This is Mission 1 from Open War, played between 1750 points of my Space Wolves and 1750 poins of Andy's Blood Angels. Andy won the roll off and elected to go first.


Turn 1:

Svengril looked down from the eyes of his Psyber Raven and watched as the enemy mechanised column rumbled forward. His attenton was immediately brought back into focus as he heard a Drop Pod land in front of his Rhino. He waited expentantly for something to step out but nothing did. "Hmm," he thought, "interesting" He heard the thuds of Autocannon shells impacting against a Razorback, blowing off the Twin-Linked Lascannon turret. On the other side of the Space Wolves position more Autocannon shells exploded in the Long Fangs' position. Their armour was equal to the fusilade and they all survived.

The Long Fangs on the right open fire at the Dreadnought that had shot at them and managed to blow one of its arms off. Svengril himself fired Living Lightning at the other enemy Dreadnought wrecking it. The second Long Fang pack destroyed the enemy Rhino. In the Space Wolves' lines the Dreadnought ripped the Drop Pod to pieces. Svengril smiled, if his forces continued to do this well he wouldn't need reinforcements.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2:

A second Drop Pod crashed into the Space Wolf lines, instantly wiping the smile from Svengril's face. The Assault Squad inside split into two Combat Squads as they exited the Pod, one half with two Meltaguns in, tokk aim at Svengril's Rhino. He braced for impact but both shots missed. The other Combat Squad opened fire at the Long Fangs but failed to cause any wounds. Meanwhile the enemy Land Raider made sure that it was well hidden behind the central ruin.

The Space Wolf Dreadnought opened fire and then charged into the Assault Marine interlopers. Meanwhile on the far side of the battlefield the Wolf Scouts entered the fray. With a single Meltagun shot the enemy Razorback was reduced to scrap metal. Long Fang fire took out another couple of enemy Marines across the battlefield and a Land Speeder. The Dreadnought tore two Marines to pieces and the survivor decided that his best course of action was to leave the fight. Even though things were going well for the Wolves, Svengril had a problem. There were four very angry looking Assault Marines about to crash into one of his Long Fang packs.

End of Turn 2:

Turn 3:

Svengril laughed out loud as the Assault Squad tripped over the rocks between them and the Long Fangs not once but twice. He then threw his head back and laughed again as the enemy Land Raider managed to immobilise itself.

His mood was futher improved as all of his reinforcements showed up. Two Multimelta shot failed to damage the raider but the Vindicator's Demolisher Cannon made short work of it. In the Space Wolves' deployment zone the enemy Assualt Squad managed to get to their feet just in time for the Dreadnought to open fire on them and then charge them. The battle was short and deadly as the Dreadnought wiped the squad out. Further firepower took down the remaining member from the other Combat Squad. The Wolf Scouts charged the enemy squad whose Rhino had previously been destroyed but the combat ended in a stalemate. Svengril could now see the enemy leader and his squad, if he could wipe them out the battle would belong to the Space Wolves.

End of Turn 3:

Turn 4:

The enemy were running out of troops and running out of options but they were still well placed to claim the Objectives and steal victory from the grasp of the Space Wolves. Autocannon fire from the Dreadnought shot down a Land Speeder. The remianing Land Speeder Typhoon blew the Demolisher Cannon off the Vindicator while the Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators charged into the Lone Wolf. The Librarian struck first and managed to cause a wound. The Lone Wolf, in pain and driven by the loss of him brothers in battle struck back with his Thunder Hammer and killed the Librarian. A smile crossed his lips as the rest of the Librarian's squad took him down in a flurry of attacks, he knew that he would be reunited with his squad in the Halls of Russ. In the other combat the Wolf Scouts were finally cut down, although they had managed to take some of the enemy squad with them.

The squad who had wiped out the Wolf Scouts found that their victory was short lived as Assualt Cannon fire reduced the squad to just one Marine. Further Assault Cannon fire blew all of the weapons off the Land Speeder. Lascannon fire from the Razorback and fire from the Long Fangs saw just two Terminators remain. Meanwhile the Land Speeder levelled its Multimelta against the Dreadnought and blew it sky high. Svengril knew that it was only a matter of time before the enemy were wiped out. But time was one luxury he was running out of.

End of Turn 4:

Turn 5:

The remaining enemy Marines tried to find some cover while the two Terminators charged the Land Speeder. One managed to hit which shook up the crew.
The remaining Tactical Marine was shot down while further fire brought down the enemy Land Speeder. Another Terminator was killed as Svengril's men looked to claim the objectives.
End of Turn 5:

Turn 6:

The remaining Terminator charged into the five Grey Hunters that were waiting for him. They Counter Attacked and killed him before he even got to swing his mighty Thunder Hammer. With his death the four remaining enemy Marines fled. The Spaces Wolves had won the day.
End of game:

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