Monday, 13 September 2010

The Magic Number

Here we go, three 750 point army lists in three days. So, we had this and this but it was the Thunderwolf one that really got me thinking. After we playtested our doubles list against Graham on Saturday I got to thinking about what would be better than a Land Raider Crusader filled with Blood Claws? How about some Thunderwolves!

Canis Wolfborn

This guy is pretty good and he lets me take the following as Troops:

13 Fenrisian Wolves, Cyberwolf

13 Fenrisian Wolves, Cyberwolf

So, that's my minimum Troops allowance taken. Of course they can't claim Objectives but we're going for killy rather than claimy in this list. With 341 points left to spend let's get a really tooled up Thunderwolf squad;

5 Thunderwolves, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Melta Bombs

They're all uniquely armed for Wound Allocation reasons.

Canis goes with one of the Wolf units and the other one acts as a screen for the T-Wolves. On a 4x4 board these guys are going to be in combat by Turn 2 and they won't suffer from any Difficult Terrain tests That Land Raiders might fail if there is lots and lots of terrain.

It's pretty fun playing Theoryhammer with these rocks in a double list but I feel like I'm ignoring everything that I've learned this year about putting together balanced army lists. However, my mind keeps coming back to 4x4 board and last time at Maelstrom there was so much cover a shooty army would have no chance at stopping 2 Raiders before they're on them. Hmm, more playtesting needed to convince me I think.

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