Thursday, 30 September 2010

Something Changed

We're trying something a bit different this week. Rather than using my valiant Space Wolves against Andy's Marines, I'm taking charge of his Orks. I'm going to be using the same list that he used against me a few months ago, so two Battlewagons, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and some Nob Bikers. Now, I've never played Orks before so I think that my strategy will be the incredibly basic one of rush everything forward as quickly as possible and try and get into combat as soon as I can. Some of the nuances of the army are going to be a bit harder to work out. When should I call a Warrgh? How can I ensure that I set up multi-assaults in order to make sure I don't win on my turn but on Andy's and hence avoid getting shot up? In fact combat is going to take a bit of getting my head around. With my Wolves I always want the whole squad in combat and with squads of 5 it's easy enough to do. With the Orks sometimes I'll want all 30 Boyz in combat (for example against those Thunder Hammer Terminators) while sometimes I'll only want some (eg charging into a Combat Squad of Tactical Marines) There is a bigger problem with Orks though. If I win it will add grist to Andy's mill that they're the ideal beginner's army. There will be a post along the lines of, "Look even Gav can win with Orks and he's not even read the Codex" Hmm, maybe I should play for the draw...


  1. Well you know where to look for top-notch orky tactics. But then you might become too good and win :P

    Good luck playing with the orks, I don't know if you'll win but you'll have a ton of fun playing!

  2. With how you're thinking about it you're already ahead of many Ork players, so I think that you'll do fine.



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