Sunday, 5 September 2010


When I first met my friend Graham, about 10 months ago, he was playing Chaos Space Marines. Since then he's started an Eldar army, a Squat army (for which he's written his own Codex based on the IG one) and a Tyranid army. Pretty intense. He's also managed to become a Contributor on this blog despite having never written an article (yes, this post is also a prod for him to get writing) Now, last week he asked if he could borrow my Space Wolves codex as he was thinking about doing a pre-heresy World Eaters army. In my mind there are tow things that should stop him going down that path. Firstly, white is really hard to paint well and secondly the Blood Angel codex would be much better!

In fact the more I thought about it the more it made complete sense. The World Eaters all had chips implanted in their brains that made them especially angry. Now, we could say that the Sanguinary Priest has a controller for those chips and that's what gives them Furious Charge. Also when the chips are active the warriors ignore any wounds they receive - Feel No Pain. The Death Company have chips that are permanently switched on and the Red Thirst signifies chips that have malfunctioned before a battle.

It's pre-heresy so no Razorbacks, Land Speeders, Land Raider Crusaders, Land Raider Redeemers or Storm Ravens and given their devotion to Khorne later on I'd probably say no Librarians either. The Sanguinor would probably be the best to represent Angron (possibly trying out some new Jump Pack) Astorath could represent the Chapter's chief medic since he makes Death Company Troops and makes it more likely for everyone else to succumb to the Red Thirst (ie the men in his army have the best chips in their brain that are always on!)

Hmm, I reckon that you could put together a pretty competitive list even without the Razorbacks. In fact a full on Jump Pack pre-heresy World Eater army would look good and do well on the tabletop. Blood for the Blood God! Oh, no wait, this is pre-heresy. Blood just for the fun of it!

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