Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Sieze Ground

Open War Mission 1


Standard Pitched Battle deployment - 12" from long board edge.


Table quarters. You get two points for each of your opponent's quarters that you control and one point for each quarter on your own side you control. You control a quarter by having more units of Troops in it that your opponent. Battle Points are then awarded based on difference in Objective points.


Since most people will be trying to get across the board and into my quarters to claim as many points as possible, I'm going to put all of my long range firepower (Long Fangs, Rune Priest, Lascannon Razorbacks) in one corner and shoot them as they come across the board. I'll keep my shorter range stuff (Assault Cannon Razorbacks, Vindicator) in Reserve so that it can avoid being shot up but can come on and blast anyone who has made it into my quarters. My Land Speeders also stay in Reserve so that I can either bring them on my board edge or Deep Strike them. The Scouts go Behind Enemy Lines so that they can sneak up on enemy Troops claiming a quarter or enemy Heavy Weapons teams to stop them shooting me. The general plan is to claim the quarter that I'm deploying in and use the two Reserve Razorbacks to either claim my other quarter or scoot off and claim an enemy quarter if possible.

Now with this mission (and mission 3), I expect to see a lot of Drop Pod armies. If I go first, I will probably deploy my Vindicator too in order to give people a few things to think about when they Deep Strike. I also have two very good counter-attack units in my Lone Wolf and Dreadnought so I'm not that worried. However, if I go second, my deployment will depend on what my opponent has in their Pods. If there are lots of Pods and lots of anti-tank, I'll keep everything in Reserve. If there are only a couple of Pods with not much anti-tank then I'll probably deploy normally and take my chances. Although having said that I don't really want my Long Fangs walking on as it means they lose at least two turns of shooting. I think I might put one squad in one corner and one in the other so that my opponent has to split their Pods. Speaking about Deep Striking, there are quite a few Daemon plays who have entered Open War. Hmm, might have to rethink taking Tempest's Wrath...


  1. Seems like a sound tactic. You are really expecting a lot of drop pods coming your way? I don't find them too effective these days.

    Tablequarters... I used to dread this mission in 3rd edition, I just could never with my Necrons back then. Would be fun to play it again though with todays rules and standards. We only get to play normal missions from the rulebook in Greek tournaments unfortunately.

    Btw do you guys have an email for the blog?

  2. I agree that Drop Pods aren't very effective but I think that some people will see them as an easy way to get into enemy table quarters. I think that we'll see quite a few Jump Pack BA lists as well for the same reason.

    Our e-mail address is



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