Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Scraching an itch.

Open War is only a month away now and I'm getting the usual "itchy list" syndrome, I just can't stop fiddling with it! Over the last couple of days I've been in list theory overdrive and have come up with something I think is about 90% of the way there, there just may be a little tweaking to do in the Fast Attack/Heavy Support areas but I think I'm pretty much happy with it as it stands. However I'm posting it here for opinions so have at it!


Blood Lance, Fear of the Dark(?), Jump Pack
Honour Guard
(5) 2x Meltagun, 1x Power Sword, Jump Packs


Sanguinary Priest
No upgrades
Assault Terminators
(5) Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields; Land Raider w. Extra Armour, Multi Melta


Assault Squad
(5) Lightning Claw; Razorback
Assault Squad
(5) Lightning Claw; Razorback w. Twin Linked Assault Cannon
Assault Squad
(5) Razorback w. Lascannon & Twin Linked Plasma Gun
Assault Squad
(5) Razorback w. Lascannon & Twin Linked Plasma Gun

Fast Attack

Land Speeder
Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta
Land Speeder
Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta

Heavy Support

2x Twin Linked Autocannons

Total: 1750pts

The basic plan is to reserve 2 of the razorbacks (Las/Plas ones probably), the Honour Guard , the Librarian and the two Speeders. The remaining Razorbacks and the Land Raider get to midfield as fast as possible and try to delay the enemy advance, the Dread shoots from the backfield trying to snipe transports and light armour.

The Libby and Honour Guard have a good chance of dropping in together on turn two thanks to descent of angels and they'll be suiciding next to some heavy armour targets. Then, hopefully in turn 3, I should get the remaining Razorbacks and the Speeders which will give me additional late-game anti-tank and anti-infantry capability allowing me to stay competitive, at least late on in the game.

What do you think?


  1. Seems like a solid list but I have a few concerns here. Don't want to make you more nervous but I think there are some issues with the deployment rather than the list.

    If you reserve 2 of the Razorbacks then you are missing the point of target saturation. Your remaining vehicles will have a very hard time staying on the board or being neutralised (immobilised, stunned) against a very shooty list (like my IG). Don't really know what kind of armies you are expecting to find at the tournament but you might run into some difficulties.

    Land Speeders arriving on turn 3 is too late against objective based missions if you want them to kill tanks. By turn 3 they are going to have transported the units in the objectives in most cases. They are good late game objective denying units though. Could you start them on the board and hide them behind the Land Raider maybe?

    Also, are you using the Sanguinary priest just to give FNP to your troops?

    So in a few words I like the list but not the way you are going to play it :P

  2. Great thoughts, thanks for the comment. I think that the tactic I mentioned would be situational, I agree it would not do well against a very shooty army. What I was thinking was that the Lr wold provide a juicy hard target to soak a few turns of fire and the threat of the termed inside would put my opponent on the back foot to allow my reserve units to still be able to make an impact later in the game than would be the norm.

    I'll definitely consider your points though and think about tactics vs some more specific builds. Thanks.

  3. Personally, I like keeping Speeders in reserve. It protects them from small arms fire and having the choice to Deep Strike or come on from your board edge makes them reall versatile.

    I do agree with the Antipope about the Razorbacks though. You have to start with them on the field. It adds to your long range firepower and gives the enemy more targets to think about. The more choices you give an opponent, the more likely they are to make the wrong one.

    I think that I'd hide the Honour Guard behind the Land Raider. This gives you the option of jumping over it and charging. I'd be worried about Deep Striking them as you run the risk of them being Vindicatored to death (yes, I just invented a new verb)

  4. Ok so if I'm running the honour guard behind the Land Raider then I could drop the sang priest and upgrade the speeders to Typhoons (which I prefer anyway), then I'd have no probs with deploring them turn 1 and sniping from the back with my dread. It feels like it's all coming together.

  5. Ok, I was wrong before. There is a thing in the list I don't like. The suicidal honour guard:

    "The Libby and Honour Guard have a good chance of dropping in together on turn two thanks to descent of angels and they'll be suiciding next to some heavy armour targets"

    1) Why have a power sword if you are planning for them to deep strike, use melta guns and then die? You could drop this and include one more meltagun.

    2) Use a drop pod instead of jump packs. Will save you some points and you make sure they arrive on the first turn. Only way this can be a liability is if you are playing DoW and go first but all other cases it's the better choice. You could also include the Libby in the drop pod and just move him out 2'' away from the squad so he disengage himshelf and shot at a different target. Again this way you make sure he arrives on the first turn too.

    3) No special weapons for assault squads?

    That's why I asked why you are using the priest. Making your scoring units more survivable is good I guess but I can't see him working well in this list since ideally you wanna keep all your assault squads apart so you can claim more objectives. I think I would drop him for something else.

    As for the land speeders I think it's a good idea to upgrade them to typhoons. Deploying them is very situational though. Depends if you go first or second or if you are playing for objectives. If you go first you now have the potential to kill 10 vehicles in the first turn so your speeders will probably survive.

  6. I think the Librarian is too valuable to suicide in especially if you're against Eldar or Space Wolves as you're going to need his Hood. I suggested keeping them hidden behind the Raider so you have the chance to blow up a vehicle and them charge what's inside.

    Where is the Priest going? I thought that the Honour Guard came with one so I assumed he's going in the Raider but Blood Angels only get the 10 capacity one. Should it be a Redeemer/Crusader or do you have another plan?

    I figured that the plan for the Assault Marines is just to make the Razorbacks scoring. Hence no special weapons.

  7. A meltagun in each squad would be useful though.

  8. Always assume that you are playing against a smart opponent :P One that wouldn't be too scared of your land raider and wouldn't waste his S8 and S9 shots on it but shoot the razorbacks instead.

    If I was playing against this list I would do the following: if I got the 1st turn (got better chances due to emperors tarrot) I would put my command squad inside the Vendetta and move it 24'' torwards your Land Raider on the scout move. Then 1st turn I would move them out (9'' with the disembark) and shot the LR with the melta guns.

    Can you form a screen around the Land Raider to protect it against IG alpha strikes? Just a thing to consider.

  9. It looks like I need a tactical rethink.

    Regarding the Librarian, I would definitely suicide him against an IG gunline as tankes are likely to be lined up nicely to get max benefit out of the Blood Lance and I could care less about his Hood vs that army. Conversely I would probably not suicide him vs Eldar but run him with the Honour Guard, in this situation it's worth considering swapping Fear of the Darkness for Unleash Rage.

    With regards to the Honour Guard I think I would take Gav's suggestion and run them up behind the Land Raider, Doing this I can drop the Sanguinary Priest as the one in the HG will cover the units in the advance. I could be persuaded to deep strike them in against the right build with a suitable deployment but on reflection they're unlikely to recoup their worth as a suicide unit.

    The unit that sticks out as a bad fit, for me, is the Rifleman Dread. If I'm dropping the Sang Priest I could swap the Rifleman for a Drop Podded Furioso with talons in a Drop Pod, what do you think about that?

  10. Couldn't agree more. I run a Razorwolves list and my Grey Hunters always have a Meltagun.

  11. Unless the IG player has Mystics...

  12. I like the Rifledread to be honest, I think it can be very useful against most armies.

  13. If you get the first turn with your alpha strike IG list, I'm reserving everything ;)



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