Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saturday Night's Alright For

Well most things it seems.

Early afternoon, Andy, Graham and myself went down to Warhammer World to check out the latest Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor event. There were some very cool Heresy-era minis (lots of Jetbikes) Andy took a few pictures so hopefully they'll appear over the next few days.

Then we headed back to Andy's and Graham and I played mission 4 of Space Hulk while Andy looked after his son, Daniel. We both won as the Marine player and in my opinion, of the first 4 missions this one seems the most Marine friendly. Although having said that, when I was playing 'stealers I miscounted my APs and could have gotten one attack at Graham's Assault Cannon guy which could have won me the game. Ah well.

With Daniel asleep, we gave Andy's gaming table its debut. Andy and I had 1000 points each, teamed up against Graham's 2000 points of Chaos Space Marines. We based our list on our initial ideal for Freebootaz. I added a squad of Long Fangs and some Wolf Scouts while Andy added a Furioso Dreadnought and a Land Speeder Typhoon. Graham ran a foot list that had a lot of bodies on the ground but unfortunately for him no real way to deal with AV14. The Flamestorm Cannons took a deadly toll on the Khorne Beserkers and Mephiston manged to catch Kharn in his Transfixing Gaze and made swift work of him before he could even strike back (we figured that Transfixing Gaze isn't actually a psychic power it could effect Kharn) In the end the Blood Angel Assault squad never got out of their Land Raider and the Blood Claws only got out of theirs to kill some Lesser Daemons (although I could probably have killed them with shooting) We all agreed that Graham's list was always going to struggle against two Raiders but if can find a way to get his big squad of Beserkers to charge into combat they'll have a field day.

After that Graham went home and it was just left for Andy and I to play out Space Hulk mission 4. After I'd told him how easy it was to win with Marines I then proceeded to beat him with the Genestealers. Although it all came down to his last few Assault Cannon shots. In the end he twice missed a 'stealer that was between the Marine and the target room. If he'd have killed him, he'd have shot the room and won. Another very tight game.

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