Thursday, 30 September 2010

No Quarter Asked

He heard them before he saw them, even without using The Emperor's Gift. Even though the plumes of black smoke rose high above the horizon. Even with his genetically altered vision, he still hear them first. Nearly 100 voices chanting in unison, "'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!" The Librarian stepped into the Land Raider and defiantly closed the door.

This is Open War Mission 1 between Andy's Orks controlled by me and Andy's Space Marines controlled by Andy (methinks that Andy is onto a winner here no matter what happens!) He won the roll off and chose to go first.


Turn 1:

The Librarian's was the only voice heard across the vox-caster as he co-ordinated the Space Marine attack. He sent a message to his Scout Bikers directing them exactly where to attack. In the meantime the army around him opened fire. Every gun they had that was in range shot at the distant Ork army. As the smoke from the fusilade cleared he looked at the screen in the Land Raider to survey the damage - 3 dead Lootas, a smashed Killa Kan and 4 dead Boyz who had been caught when the Killa Kan exploded. The Librarian uttered a brief prayer to The Emperor and prepared for the Ork's response.

The Lootas, having seen three of their squad killed, didn't know the meaning of the word discretion or the word valour but turned tail and fled the battlefield anyway. The rest of the Ork army charged forward as fast as possible, the Nob Bikers crashing through the centre supposrted by the two Battlewagons. The only Ork shooting came from the second squad of Lootas, who failed to damage a Razorback, and the Killa Kanz who managed to blow the Typhoon Missile Launchers off a Land Speeder.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2:

From the Ork's flank the Scout Bikers made their presence known. The Sergeant fired his Combi-Melta and managed to immobilise one of the Battlewagons . Most of the Space Marine army then fired at the Nob Bikers in an attempt to stop them before they crashed into their lines. With the Orks happily riding through the fire, the Librarian took matters into his own hands and he and his Terminator bodyguard charged out of their Land Raider and faced up to the Orks. The Orks managed to kill 2 of the elite Space Marines before they even managed to swing their Hammers. Two more and the Librarian were cut in half by Power Klaws as the Terminators managed to fell 4 Orks. The other Orks surounded the final memeber of the squad as he prepared to sell his life dearly.

The still mobile Battle Wagon tried to Tank Shock Marine Dreadnought but couldn't quite make contact. The Shoota Boyz poured out of the immobilised Battlewagon and looked to take revenge on the Scouts who had wrecked their ride. The Lootas managed to take out a Razorback awhile the Killa Kanz did likewise. In combat, the Nobz managed to take out the last Terminator but were now down to just the Warboss, Painboy and one other Nob. The Shoota Boys charged into combat with the Scout Bikers but the combat finished a draw with one dead on either side,

End of Turn 2:

Turn 3:

The Space Marines, shocked by the death of their commander, resolved to taking revenge against his killers. They fired as one against the Nob Bikers but only managed to kill one Nob and wound the Warboss. In combat, the Orks cut down the remaining Scout Bikers easily although they lost another couple of Boyz.

The Shoota Boyz, fresh from their victory in combat, managed to shoot down a Land Speeder. The Lootaz also had some shooting success blowing one of the arms off the Space Marine Dreadnought. The Battlewagon managed to crush a Space Marine beneath its Deffrolla as the Warboss ripped apart the last Razorback pinning the Marines who had been inside.

End of Turn 3:

Turn 4:
Again the Space Marine guns opened fire on the Nob Bikers and this time they finally ended the green menace, much to the relief of the pinned Combat Squad. They also managed to take out the Battlewagon, the Dreadnought bypassing the Big Mek's Kustom Force Field by attacking it in close combat. A Krak Missile took out another Killa Kan as the Marines seemed to be turning the tide of the battle in thie favour.
The Big Mek, angry at the loss of his Battlewagon, charged his squad into the ruins and into combat with the Sternguard on the top floor. Meanwhile, the Lootas, buoyed by their previous success, fired at the Dreadnought again. This time, however, they failed to do any damage. The remaining Killa Kan tried to bring down the last Land Speeder in hand to hand but couldn't hit the fast moving skimmer. On top of the ruins, the Orks cut down two Sternguard after they'd lost a couple of Boyz so they all remain locked in combat.
End of Turn 4:

Turn 5:

With very little left on the Space Marine side able to shoot, it fell to the Land Raider and a single Combat Squad to try and dish out some damage to the Ork horde. A Krak Missile immobilised the Killa Kan but the Land Raider was less successful, the Slugga Boyz protected from the worst of the fire by cover. The Dreadnought made its way up through the ruins where it tried to tip the combat in the Marine's favour. However, no winner could be decided even though the Sternguard were down to their last man.
The Orks had even less shooting than the Space Marines. The Killa Kan manged to vaporise one of the squad who had imobilise it but the Lootas couldn't do any damage to the other Comat Squad that was opposite them. In the combat atop the ruins the Orks finally managed to kill the last Sternguard and so were left facing just the Dreadnought.
End of Turn 5:

Turn 6:

Both sides could sense that the end was near and they knew that bold actions would be required to win the day. With this in mind, two Combat Squad slunk off into the best cover they could find, ensuring that they were claiming valuable objectives. The Land Raider stayed still and fired at full power, but again cover came to the Shoota Boyz aide and only two died. In the continuing combat in the ruins neither side could do any damage.
Finally, a great cry went up through the Ork ranks - Waaagh! The Slugga Boyz managed to trip over their own feet and made it nowhere near combat. The Shoota Boyz in the center ruin had a choice of enemy to charge and chose the larger Space Marine squad. They killed all five Marines while the Nob in the other unit of Shoota Boyz ripped off the Dreadnought's other arm.
End of Turn 6:

The Marines were battered and bloody but victorious. The survivors wearily climbed aboard the Land Raider and made good their escape. With the Ork Warboss dead, it would take a couple of weeks before the Orks attacked again and the Space Marines would be ready for them...

Final Score: Space Marines 2-1 Orks

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