Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Kids Are Alright

Confession time - I may act like a WAAC MSU gamer but it was actually the fluff that got me into the game. I've seen a few 10th Company lists on t'internet, built around lots of Scouts. So, I got to thinking what a similar list would look like for Space Wolves. Since our Scouts aren't new recruits, it would have to be lots and lots of Blood Claws. For HQ, we're going to want Wolf Priests as they're the ones that actually recruit the Blood Claws and implant all of the special organs into them. I also want to take some Swift Claws, some Sky Claws and a smattering of Wolf Guard to keep their young brothers in line. I'm going to aim for a 2000 point list with a couple of Land Raiders and hopefully Lukas the Trickster if I can afford him. Well, let's see what we can get:

Ulrik the Slayer

Well, he's the head Wolf Priest so let's slot him in. I've said before that I couldn't come up with an army for him so we'll see how he does in this one. He'll need a squad to go with;

11 Blood Claws, Power Fist

and we'll put them all in;

Land Raider Redeemer, Extra Armour, Multimelta

These guys want to benefit from Ulrik's Slayer's Oath so they're going to go round hunting big beasties and bikers. The Flamestorm Cannon is especially good against the latter as it removes cover saves.

Wolf Priest, Saga of the Warrior Born

I've taken this guy before and he can be quite killy with his re-rolls and Saga.

15 Blood Claws, Power Fist

These guys are going to be my big time anti-infantry unit so they may get two Flamers as well. To ferry them around and to add some firepower they get

Land Raider Crusader, Extra Armour, Multimelta

Wolf Priest, Bike

Well, I said I wanted some Swift Claws so they better have someone to look after them.

6 Swift Claws, Meltagun, Multimelta Attack Bike

I don't have that much anti-tank so I'm adding some that's very mobile with this unit. A lot of people say that Blood Claws are rubbish at shooting. Well, compared to everything else in the Space Wolf Codex, they are. However, with BS3 they're still hitting on a 4+ which is half the time and if you think that's poor then go and speak to the Orks. Personally, I've never had any luck with Swift Claws but they're going in because they fit the theme.

Wolf Priest, Jump Pack

Last guy, goes with the flyboys;

10 Sky Claws, Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen

These guys get a bit more oompf against vehicles and Dreadnoughts with the Power Fist and MOTW. These guys can hide behind the Raiders and then jump out at an opportune moment.

Hmm, that only leaves me with 25 points left so no room for Lukas or any Wolf Guard for that matter. So, let's give the Wolf Priest on the Bike and the Wolf Priest with the Jump Pack both Meltabombs and the Swift Claws a Power Weapon. 2000 points exactly. Is it optimised? Not especially. Armies from the newer Codexes should be able to deal with 2 Raiders but older ones might not so with a bit of luck you'll win as many as you lose.

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