Saturday, 18 September 2010

Steppin' out into the Underhive

With Warhammer World closed for its annual deep clean Gav and Graham descended on my house with beers, squats and Space Crusade. After opening the beers and critiquing Graham's Squats, which look awesome in their new colour scheme, we set up a game of Space Crusade.

Space Crusade is a sci-fi dungeon-crawl board game which was originally released all the way back in 1990. While it feels wrong to classify it as Space Hulk-light, that does sum it up succinctly. It does seem less involved, less dependent on tactics and the random element has a stronger influence on the outcome of the game. However it is fast, easy to get to grips with and a lot of fun. It's an old game but well worth digging out of the closet if you happen to have an old copy lying around.

After we had played a couple of missions, leafed through my copy of the 1st Edition 40k Rule Book and the 'Ere We Go Ork supplement and refreshed our drinks I asked if  the guys could talk me through rolling up a Necromunda Gang. It had come up a couple of times in conversation over the past few months and I remember back when the game was first released that I'd been interested in getting into the game. I'd been quite into RPGs as a spotty youth and the campaign/gang development mechanic really appealed to me, as well as the skirmish nature of the encounters.

Anyway. with Gav and Graham's help it took me next to no time to roll up the following Gang o' Goliaths called the Mad Dogs:

Muru (Leader): Las Pistol, Chainsword, 63xp
Hakkar (Heavy): Heavy Bolter, Las Pistol, 62xp
Garr (Heavy): Heavy Stubber, 62xp
Kez (Ganger): Lasgun, 26xp
Leith (Ganger): Lasgun, 25xp
Emile (Ganger): Autogun, 22xp
Rav (Ganger): Shotgun, 22xp
Twink (Juve): Las Pistol, Auto Pistol
Lev (Juve): Shotgun

Territories: Archeotech, Spore Cave, Tunnels, Vents, Slag

I'm pretty happy with the composition of the gang, I think the guys have managed to temper what I thought would be good into something practical. I think I should have spent some of the 25 creds I have left in the bank for alternative ammo choices for the shotguns but there'll be time for that further down the road. Fortunately, with my rather lucky rolls on the Territories table I should not be too short on cash, providing I can keep my gangers alive long enough to put them to work!

I think I'll be converting my gang from the Catachan IG box set so keep it here for updates on the gang as they get built and put to work in the Underhive.

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