Sunday, 26 September 2010

Painting the town red

Spent some time actually painting last night so here are the results...

Fist up, Long Fangs through the ages - Mk2 Armour, RTBS01 Missile Launcher, original Long Fang with Missile Launcher & new Space Wolf plastics and modern Lascannon:

Then we have a Long Fang pakc leader with two more Long Fangs from the 1st edition Long Fang box:

And finally my Dreadnought:

There clearly nowhere near Golden Demon standard but they are 3-colour which is good enough for the tournament. I'm not there to win the painting trophy anyway, I'm just trying to avoid finishing last(!)


  1. The old school missile launcher guy is cool. Althought to be honest I wouldn't consider these guys to be painted but if you got a deadline I understand you need to make sure everything is at a minimal standar to be at the tournament. Do you score/lose point for painting at the tournament? And don't they need to be based also?

  2. Well, my weekend has been spent in the car. Practicing with the wife yesterday and running to Mansfield and back today to recharge my flat battery. Looks like you've been more productive! Keep it up mate you're well on target for Open War.

  3. I plan on basing everything at the same time (probably the night before the tournament lol) I agree that they're not really painted but hopefully they fulfil the minimum requirement to get me the painting point...

  4. Ah, yes the night before the tournament, That's when I plan painting most of my stuff too.
    To be honest if it was me you were playing against I would have marked you down on the painting/army presentation etc.

  5. Aw, I thought we were friends :-( To be honest I'd mark it down too. For the tournament it's judged by the TO and it's either 0 or 5 points based on having a "cohesive colour scheme" Half-painted is a scheme isn't it? lol

  6. Ha ha well sorry but I always try to be fair. I mean I would mark down someone I didn't know so I would do the same to a friend. I don't care if you use last night's empty beer cans to proxy your Rhinos in a friendly game but for a tournament I demand people to be as committed as I am.

    You could always say in the fluff of your army that your guys were caught in a big blast so their faces and parts of their armour got charred.



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