Friday, 16 July 2010

Army Rankings

Recently, it seems that every 40K blog worth its salt has had an article ranking the top armies in Warhammer 40,000 today. Well, I own a hat and I'm happy to throw it into the ring:

1) Razorwolves

MSU in Razorbacks, it's mobile and shooty plus they have Counter Attack if you are foolish enough to try and charge them.

2) Loganwing

Logan Grimnar, scoring Wolf Guard and lots of Cyclone Missile Launchers, what more could you want?

3) Thunderwolves ho!

Lost of S5 T5 W2 goodness. If there were models available it would probably be higher up.

4) Bjorn/Njal Tag Team

One for higher points games but Bjorn should see you get first turn and then Njal's powers make things very nasty for your opponent.

So, there we go the top 4 armies in 40K. Huh? There are other codices? When did they come out?

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