Friday, 9 July 2010

Clubbing Baby Seals

I feel so bad. As soon as I saw David's army list for this game I knew there was only going to be one outcome. Two 10-man Tactical Squads, a shooty Terminator Squad, Multimelta Dreadnought and a Power Sword wielding Captain. Someone definitely own Assault on Black Reach. Stelek often talks about Battleforce armies and this definitely felt like one of those even with the addition of 10 Assault Marines, a Command Squad, a Devastator Squad and a Rhino. Still you can only use what you have. Anyway, as per my previous after action reports, I want to go through yet more silly mistakes I made...

Suicide Dreadnought

At the minute he's far too suicide-y. Yes, I know that he'll die but I need to make it harder for my opponent to kill him. I really need more practise with exactly where to Drop Pod him and where to position him so that the Drop Pod will afford him some cover (or the enemy will have to move to shoot him and if they're doing that they're not moving towards the rest of my army)

Land Speeders

I'm still being far too aggressive with these guys. Even with a 4+ save from going flat out they can still be brought down by regular weapons fire. If they were being shot down by S8 or S9 weapons I could live with it since that would mean that said weapons wouldn't be firing at my Razorbacks. The Speeders are always going to attract a lot of firepower because they are so dangerous, I just need to make that work more to my advantage.

Looking at the other side of the table, I would have placed a combat squad of Tactical Marines with a Heavy Weapon on the objective in the ruin (we talked about this very point after the game, specifically how good a place it was for the objective and how crazy it was not to have claimed it from the off) The squad would have had a permanent cover save from any heavy weaponry I fired and I would probably have had to go over there and fight them off. I would have then placed another 5 man combat squad in the Rhino on the other objective in that table quarter. I would have backed this squad up with the Dreadnought and used the Assault Squad as a full 10 man unit speed bump. On the other flank, I'd have had a full 10 man Tactical Squad on the objective with the Command Squad screening them. That means that you're holding three objectives from pretty much turn 1 and I would have had to go and try and force him off at least one. It puts you more in control of the game and that is always a good thing.

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  1. Adding units like that with no clear focus makes it MORE Battleforce-y, not less. :)


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