Friday, 23 July 2010

First Refusal

Well, not only did I get beat, I got tabled by Andy's horde of Orks. Technically, I should have won since I killed more Orks than he killed Space Marines but for some reason the rules don't work like that. So, where did it all go wrong?


All I really did was try and cut my usual list down to 750 points which meant that I didn't really have anything that could kill that many Orks. I need to find some duality in my shooting, possibly Assault Cannons as they can reliably kill infantry and have a reasonable chance against AV11 and AV12. I also missed out by not having either Jaws of the World Wolf or Murderous Hurricane as psychic powers as they both could have done a number on Orks.


Missing out on a full turn of shooting from my Long Fangs and Predator really didn't help. Also the fact that I couldn't infiltrate my Wolf Scouts and use them as a speed bump meant that I couldn't slow down the green tide for a turn.


This is the one that really cost me. In a normal game, with as much firepower as I normally put out, stretching out my army isn't that much of a problem. In this sort of situation I should have played more of a refused flank style to minimise the number of Orks who could get into action at any one time. I should have deployed in my right hand corner and tried to destroy the Orks piecemeal as they tripped over each other.


Okay, clutching at straws now! Andy rolled brilliantly for his move through cover and his run rolls all game which definitely cost me a turn of shooting. He also rolled impressivly for his cover and armour saves and his mob which destroyed my Predator passed a moral check just before they did so on the narrowest of margins.

Andy's Tactics

Credit where credit is due. Andy did a really good job at keeping his Boyz 2" apart so that I could Frag them at distance. He also managed to pull off a very good Multi-Assault with his big mob and then used them very cleverly to cover two objectives. All in all he had an army that he knew I couldn't stop without a good slice of luck and he used it perfectly to claim a well deserved vistory.

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  1. good analysis dude, except that you forgot to mention that I should have started 6" closer to you, for some reason I set up for a Pitched Battle rather than Dawn of War.

    My dice were definitely better than normal, I've never seen so many massed dice hit the spot on startistical averages!


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