Thursday, 29 July 2010

Shopping Trip

I had an hour to kill last night before going to the cinema so I popped into Warhammer World to pick up the Imperial Guard codex and have a beer. I wanted the IG codex to do some reading up on them before Open War in October (and also before this 750 competion that the club is having in September) It's pretty obvious that you can put together a pretty nasty list at 750 points even with the restrictions on vehicles (I'm thinking a Hydra, a Medusa and a Vendetta as base)

Anyway, I've got no real intention fo starting an IG list. However, they did have something in the store that did interest me. I've talked briefly about considering taking up Warhammer. Now, they have on display a figure form the new Island of Blood box set, namely the High Elf Griffon and it looked amazing. If the price point is reasonable and I can convince Andy to take it up I might have to get it when it comes out, especially since it contains what arre meant to be two of the better races in 8th Edition - High Elves and Skaven. It will be nice to try something else other than just 40K based games. Although, having said that I'm still waiting for Andy to teach me Blood Bowl...

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  1. Island of Blood? It's on! I'd be happy to collect either to be honest. Blood Bowl is a must do as well. As soon as Open War is over I think we need to diversify ...


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