Saturday, 10 July 2010


I'm not normally a frequent visitor to Blood of Kittens, but this post really spoke to me, especially the part about running out of ideas for your blog. When I first started this, I kind of assumed that battle reports would be quick and easy to write and that I'd always have loads of ideas for new missions and for stuff that needed mathammering but it's not quite worked out like that. I had a few day in France with work at the beginning of June and I've struggled a bit to get back into regular blogging. Plus, as I've mentioned, I've lost a bit of my passion for painting so I can't even post regular updates about that.

As the BOK post says it's important to have a plan for your blog and maybe I've strayed a bit from my intentions. So, I wanted to show the progression of my skills as a player and list builder by critiquing the stupid things that I do in games. I wanted to post some thoughts about rules that I sometimes either forget or misread. I also wanted to look at cold hard mathematics as a way of choosing targets and I wanted a painting log as I prepared for my first tournament. So, it's time to get back on track...

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