Monday, 14 March 2011

Mach 3 Turbo

So, I've tried my Razorwolf list four times now and ended up with two wins and two draws - not too shabby. Here are a few quick thoughts about the list...


Shooty, very shooty. 8 S9, 8 S8 and 8 S7 shots at 48" is going to ruin anyones day

Saturation. I like the fact that everything is dangerous so there is no easy target priority

Assault. It has just enough assault. Yes, the 5 man squad will get battered by propper assault units but against most armies' standard troops they can hold their own especially if they can get the charge or Counter Attack

Point & click. It's incredibly easy to use especially with all of the built in redundancy. Plus you're rolling so many dice when you shoot that even with luck like mine, you're bound to do some damage.


Deployment. It's quite hard to give yourself firing lanes for two packs of Long Fangs, 6 Razorbacks and 2 Dreadnoughts without either getting in your own way (bad) or spreading out your forces (very bad against some armies) I also like to have my Long Fangs in cover and finding cover for two units and not getting stuck behind your 'backs can be very tricky.

Dullness. It's a very effective list but sitting there and shooting people is a bit boring to be honest.

And I think it's this last one that's putting me off. I really like the list but it's not really that exciting to play and I don't think it would be that exciting to play against. Plus, I'm really not in the mood to be modelling 6 new Razorback turrets. I'm going to try and put together a more "in your face" list and put this on the backburner until the next Open War...


  1. I just don't think the UK tourney scene has a place for Razorspam lists. If you cast your mind back to Caledonian there was a lot different styles of armies knocking around including a lot of Deamons (although that may change come April) It definitely increases your chances against a leafblower list and other mech but I just think they lack stamina.

    I went shooty at Caledonian and yea your right it is dull to play and although I didn't do too bad I won't be taking it again. I'm still a big believer that a solid core of Grey Hunters and Long Fangs is the way to go though.

    Will see you guys at Open War.

  2. I think you're right - against "hyper-competitive" lists it's really good but I wouldn't fancy facing 120+ Ork Boyz on foot with it.

    I can see why it's so successful in the States tho especially at higher points levels where you can have 9+ Razorbacks and 3 units of Long Fangs...


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