Sunday, 27 March 2011

UK GT Day 1 review

So as you all know yesterday I headed to maelstrom for the UK GT with a couple of other members of First company vets. Plenty of the blogging community there which was nice to see and lots of familiar faces from previous tournaments. Game one was 5 objectives dawn of war against a Dark Eldar army. I'd never faced one before, in fact I've arranged a game on Thursday night against one. I lost deployment but I had a good idea about what he would do so I tried to hide my long fangs behind rhinos. He had a Helion heavy army with the baron that provided Stealth. In the end I lost the game through a combination of a mistake, a bad roll for me and a good roll for my opponent. I made the mistake of getting my lord into combat with his couple of remaining helions that I had been picking off for the entire game, instead I foolishly went for the baron forgetting about his 2 up save they then were able to contest my objective. I should have had another chance to kill them but I didn't due to a bad run roll and a poor assault through cover roll. So it came on to whether we had a turn 6 and unfortunately there was none. I lost the game by a matter of inches while I'd got double the victory points but these things happen and I had a really good game. The second game was a pitched battle for two objectives and it saw me against a logan wing army which didn't have a massive amount of troops and in honesty it was a bit of a white wash. My opponent told me early it was his first tournament. Things went well for me early on and my idea was simple. I had more troops so I could throw one away in order to rapid fire into my opponent. My opponent certainly had bad look with loosing a wound on a lone wolf and a couple of terminators to rhino storm bolters. A big win, 30 points on the board and a difference in kill points of 1600 My third game was annihilation with a spear headed set it and saw me come up against Adam from the Space Wolves blog. It started badly when I lost the roll off so I set up in quite a defensive position but then seized the initiative. From there it went badly, I mistakenly attempted to pop transports instead of long fangs while Adam concentrated on my Long fangs. At the end of the game Adam pointed out what I've said many times on here, my list isn't a serious tournament playing list. There are too many points in my thunderwolves and I know I should drop them or tone them down but its difficult when you enjoy using a unit. So a good beating, a narrow loss and a good win. I'm still hoping for 3 wins out of the 6. This morning I find my self 69th (what a great number) out of 120 and I still have aspirations of finishing in the top half.


  1. oh and today I will be in my claws and fists t shirt so if you want a chat just grab me

  2. Good luck with the rest of the games!


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