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A real space marine - input required readers

So we all know how the fluff goes. One space marine can destroy an entire army of 'Orks, Humans, cultists, Eldar' anything but surprisingly due to game mechanics it doesn't work like that, UNTIL LAST NIGHT.
To give you a bit of back story last night was the semi finals of the First Company Vets 40K tournament. Now this tournament was meant to be concluded before Christmas (it actually started in September) but unfortunately because of snow, people not playing their games (including Andy and Gav) and other commitments we are only just finishing it. My game last night was against a very good Necron player called Steve (who I played at Open War last year) and he did warn me in advance that he would be bringing the chessiest list he could which included the Nightbringer who I have never seen in a game before. Our own thebaron awaited the winner in the finals.

Now last night went as good as it could, I spent the first two turns shooting everything at the night bringer and it felled him (although Steve's ability to save him with an inv. save was awful) and then my scouts rolled up.

Now normally my scouts have a melta gun and melta bombs ready to take any rear guard armour but yesterday I decided to take Mark of the Wulfen to try it out on scouts. They came on on the rear edge which although he has played me many times was a massive surprise to Steve. They fired a melta and their bolt pistols into his destroyer and it was down and off the table. However he then have 20 rapid firing Necron warriors to shoot them with and out of my poor scouts only one survived and it wasn't the mark of the wulfen.

So my turn came, I rolled to move into cover and got nice and close, I shot hit, wounded to only have it bounce off, my long fangs shot at them and a couple went down and so it was for the glorious charge.He managed to put one down with a crafty swipe of his combat blade but still theres 6 Necrons left to attack and I've only got a 4+ armour save. I think you can see where this is going, no wounds, no armour saves are even required and I win the combat but only by one. Thats not going to make a difference though, I'll just stay in combat, that is until Steve rolls his leadership at minus one and comes up with a double 6 and one scout ran down a squad of Necrons in a true Space Marine moment. That could have been in the fluff because Adeptus Astartes are the truly the hardest people in the universe.

So my question to you is what real Space Marine moments have you had and conversely what have you seen when clearly Space Marines should win and come out on the losing side?


  1. haha awesome :)

    i had the opposite moment once, where an entire assault squad charged a single guardsman (who was on their objective, having outflanked, and was pinned, incidentally). they failed with most of the hits and wounds, he saved 5 attacks on his 5+, killed a marine with his single attack, and they ran off the table, leaving me with the objective. finest warriors my ass ;)

    i love dice.

  2. My Lone Wolf charged Marneus and a whole squad of Thunderhammer terminators. First round and he took down one of the terminators and put a wound on Marneus, survived the return attacks, and over the next couple of rounds took down two more terminators. He did die in the end, but had definitely earned his redemption.

  3. Folkert Schilthuis18 March 2011 at 12:20

    I had an scout sergeant with a power weapon chop up a complete squad of khorne bezerkers, which was insane cool :D.

    I love dice 2 :P

  4. I had a unit of Grey Hunters get shot up by a unit of Crisis suits and only a Melta gunner left who passed his LD test and then got charge by said crisis team. He put 1 wound on the team who then fluffed their 9 st5 attacks, rolled 11 for LD and ran a mighty 2 for sweeping advance........

    In the 4th edition IG codex I had a unit of conscripts eat a whole Khorne CSM army in combat....

  5. I've had Ragnar take on 5 Genestealers and 3 tyranid warriors and come out alive, killing everyone as he went.

    My favourite moment is actually a wolf scout as well. He killed his way through a brood of 7 genestealers without dying. Elevated to Wolf Guard status he was.

  6. I've seen it go in both directions, even within the same game. In one game against Black Templar, my drop pod full of Grey Hunters came down next to a 5-strong squad of Templars and opened fire. All that remained was a single Templar with a plasma gun. The following turn, the Grey Hunters took a wound from a nearby Land Raider, and then lost another two to the remaining Templar. They proceeded to roll box cars for morale and promptly ran off the board.

    Later on the same day, my Thunderwolf riding Wolf Lord with Saga of the Warrior Born racked up 17 kills against a Space Marine Biker army, including the complete destruction of an entire command squad. At one point he was getting 15 attacks on the charge.

  7. I had a rhino get popped by outflanked sentials once. "No worries, they're still close enough to engage effectively" I say to myself. Then the get pinned. Raeg. Next turn, the penal legion who outflanked next to the Sent double tap lasguns into me. "Meh, I'll lose one or 2" 3 fail, they fail morale and run 12", just getting off table. Fail marines. Losing 205 points in a 750 point game without them firing a shot is a real buzzkill.

  8. Loving these stories, keep them coming

  9. I've had a Lone Wolf with Wolf Claw and Storm Shield take out an entire mob of 30 Ork Boyz. Pretty epic.

  10. Grimnar Angband18 March 2011 at 20:10

    At the Warstore Weekend I had a few Lonewolves eat a total of about 750+ points of enemy models Per Game over a course of 5 games. They just were unstoppable.

  11. Never underestimate Rhino Stormbolters. In my last match they managed to kill 3 Grey Knight Terminators, wound the Grandmaster twice, and kill 2 standard Grey Knights.

    Have had many other epic moments too, like my wolf lord (Just the standard guy on foot) wiping out about 30 necron warriors and the necron lord in two turns, and killing a total of 47 orks after losing two wounds in the first round of combat.
    Also back in 4th ed, two of my wolf scouts managed to kill a full squad of guardians with eldrad attached, and then in the same match my Rune Priest destroyed a Fire Prism and two Wave Serpents in combat.

  12. Most of my real space marines moments involve Wolf Scouts using BEL (and more specifically their Wolf Guard Leader). I remember in one tournament that he carve his path to glory in the first two rounds. Round one as the lone survivor, he managed to punch a Falcon with his power fist, not only destroying it, but due to its exit hatches proximity to the table edge, also killing an entire squad of Howling Banshees (this is 4th ED rules incidentally). The very next game he personally killed all three Broadside suits in the unit he initially hit, and after the rest of the squad had been killed proceeded to roll up not one, but two Firewarrior teams and sent them packing.


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