Monday, 21 March 2011

Thinks to remember this weekend.

So this weekend I'm heading to Mansfield for the UK GT or the Indy GT as it has fast become known.

In case you aren't sure what it is this was set up because people are upset with the way that Throne of Skulls has gone with it's everyone's a winner sense.

My last tournament outing was a bit of a disaster after seeing 4 losses and 2 wins and one of the worst games of my life so I need to think carefully about what I'm going to do differently.

The first thing has to be remember my scouts, they are the only thing that doesn't start on the board and its so important to roll for them every turn. I use my scouts normally to take out those nasty artillary pieces at the back or side of the board with their Melta bombs and forgetting to roll for them is just stupidity. Against one of my regular players they would normally let you off but that should never be expected in a tournament.

Second thing and on a similar note is make sure that I at least move my vehicles an inch every turn if I can. I didn't do this against Steve on thursday and it meant that he was automatically hitting and it was again thanks to my stupidity.

Another related thing to remember is popping smoke, its so vital espcially against armies like Guard or Wolves. I don' always remember and I need to.

And finally and this is the biggy, I need to play the mission. The wolf can take me and I forget that theres a mission when I'm busy killing away and it leads me to forget what I should be doing. It cost me at both open war and the Caledonian open and its something I have been trying to correct in recent weeks.

So hopefully I can do well this time.
Look forward to seeing people there, I know there are plenty of bloggers going but if you are just a reader look for me (possibly in a claws and fists t shirt but more likely in a marvel one) and say hello.


  1. You'd better be in your C&F finery!!

    If anyone sees two other guys looking slightly lost and not actually playing, it'll be me and Andy :-)

  2. Best of luck.

    As for the mission stuff, I've been guilty of that a lot. What I did in the last tournament was once I was done my turn and it was my opponent's movement phase was I'd re-read the mission. That kept it fresh in my mind every turn and helped a ton.

  3. What's your list?

    See you Thursday, and then at the Tournament.

    Also it's kind of Ironic that a week before the Indy GT GW have now made the "new" ToS properly ranked and 1,750pts (2,400 for WHFB)

  4. Do you fancy a game on thursday at all?

  5. Can do a late one (post tea), if you send a message on the first company vets forum we can organise it better on there.

    John I can't be giving my list away now can I?
    Actually its the same list I've been using for about the last year, Thunderwolves, rune priest, plenty of missiles and three big grey hunter squads with my OBEL scouts

  6. We're playing on Thursday you numpty...

  7. I didnt think you could make it

  8. you really need to learn how to read text messages properly...


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