Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Arena Of Death: Jain Zar vs Maugan Ra

Yes, like a Phoenix from the ashes, Arena Of Death returns. And what better way to return than with the Phoenix Lord Cup. So, we've seeded all of the Eldar Phoenix Lords based on their points value and over the next 5 weeks we'll find out who is the best. We start this week with the two cheapest characters, Jain Zar and Maugan Ra. So without further ado, let's enter the Arena...

Round 1- Jain Zar on the charge

Jain Zar had the briefest of glances at her opponent before throwing The Silent Death. The deadly Triskele hit twice and caused two wounds. She charged into combat striking faster than the eye could see. Hitting with three of her 5 attacks, she onlly needed 2s to wound since she was armed with an Executioner and had the Furious Charge special rule. All three attacks wounded and so Maugan Ra was killed before he even got to swing.

Round 2 - Maugan Ra on the charge

Maugan Ra levelled the Maugetar and being a Fast Shot, fired 5 times at his enemy. Only three of the shots hit but they all wounded and one even rended. Of the other two wounds, Jain Zar's armour could only save 1. However, as he charged in, Jain Zar's Banshee Mask enabled her to strike first. She also passed her Counter Attack roll giving her 5 attacks. 3 hit and they all wounded, meaning that once again, Maugan Ra had been taken down before he got to swing.

Wow, that was pretty comprehensive. That Banshee Mask is going to make Jain Zar a real threat in the semi-final. I think this really demonstrates the need for all of the Phoenix Lords to have some kind of invulnerable save. Hopefully, when the 'dex gets redone they'll get that (along with some nifty FOC changing tricks) Next week we'll have Baharroth facing off against Fuegan for the final place in the semi-finals.


  1. Lol this seems a bit unfair. From what I understand, Maugan Ra is more of a shooty character maybe?

  2. nice remember that whilst zain jar is a cahrecter that needs to go with banshees ALL of maugen ra's abilitys are self buffs!

    so maugan ra needs some meatshields? guardians
    dragons need some Anti infantry?: maugan ra
    asurmen and the avengers need to have a uber deathstar?: maugen ra

    and if you are like me:

    10warith guard
    spiritseer (5+ cover to the WHOLE unit!)
    maugen ra (benifits form the cover save)
    fareseer ( at 12 inch 2 spears, 10 wraithguns and the maugeter are goin to be fun with guade and doom!)


  3. You wanna see a fight of the Phoenix lords you should put Ms Zar in a fist-a-cuffs with Drazhar


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