Friday, 8 April 2011


As you can no doubt tell, WoW still has it's claws well and truly sunk into me. I'm unapologetic about it, I really enjoy the game but I will say I'm not as addicted as I was in my previous stint with the game so I'm definitely keeping up my hobby, even if I'm not really contributing to the blog as much as I used to.

You may also be aware that this weekend the Claws and Fists guys will be heading up to Mansfield to compete in 1st Company Veterans' Open War 15 Tournament. This is probably the highlight of my annual tournament calendar and will the the 4th time I have attended. My first showing in OW12 was something of a learning experience for me which saw me coming in dead last, after 3 very enjoyable, if unsuccessful, games. The next two Open Wars went a lot better and I was able to finish in the top 3rd(ish) on both occasions.

In line with my “resolutions” for this year I'm hoping to place well again and finish with two wins out of three. The field is strong as always but if I can get off to a good start I'm at least hopeful I can achieve this goal.

As is customary for every lead-up to a tournament I have experienced so far, I have spent pretty much the whole of last week painting in a mad rush to get the new units I've been trialling painted. Here's a day by day record of my progress:

The last pic was taken on Wednesday so I have plenty of time to get the last details done. I'll post a full army pic with the inevitable battle reports!

More posts tomorrow with the army list and then game updates on twitter throughout Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, man, I've always thought that WoW is worse than smack. At least you manage to find sometime to get involved with the hobby (and spend some time with your baby I hope :P ). I like what you've done with the units this far. There is a good amount of wash there, not too much to darken the overall colour but enough to give definition to the models. Will you have times for highlighting this week?

    Good luck on the tourney as well!


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