Friday, 1 April 2011

What to do what to do what to do

So to get away from my musings on my last tournament outing the claws and fists boys have decided to go to the UK team championships which leaves us with a tricky situation. Unbeknown to me each of the 4 man team have to be using a different army, this makes like difficult as Gav and I only have Space Wolves so does this spur me on to getting the plastic out and trying to do some Grey Knights in the next two months. Theres no doubt that they are really wonderful models but it will be hard to tailor a list although I've got to believe that MSU will be the way to go with that many power weapon attacks, especially if you can put halbards on each one in order to get high intiative. The big question for me is what happens with Land Raiders, haven't see the codex much but I haven't seen much mention of meltas ect which will seriously damage landraiders. Jokero I believe can do it but what else? Certainly a question to be answered tomorrow when I get the codex.


  1. Could always go to the Dark Side and borrow my Imperial Guard (no Vendettas or Hydras mind you)

  2. Grey knights essentially have no melta outside of storm ravens and henchmen.

    Regular troops cannot take any.
    What is the point level? I know our our friends across the pond usually play lower games than we do here in the US.
    Depending on points I would eat the Crowe tax(150 for a character to unlock Purifiers as troops) and get as many purifiers, big units units with psycannons and halberds and hammers, that can combat squad. Use them to rule midfield, while others provide fire support and go getters.

  3. Go with Dark Eldar and show everyone the power of the underdogs...uh, I mean, the Dark Kin!


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