Saturday, 2 April 2011

A change to the meta game?

So my assumptions about Grey Knights prove to be correct, melta is low on the table so what does that mean?

I have to believe that there will be a lot of new Grey Knight players out there and as such there will be Grey Knight players turning up at tournaments on the future so how will people combat this?

At the moment there is a strong mech variant to the heady top of the tournament tables which I manage to avoid however a glance at the codex and especially the simple upgrade for psybolt ammunition can lead to at least glancing hits on av11 from the majority of the book so how will people combat them?

Surely the answer is av14? There is certainly a lack of things that can harm a landraider from the GK codex? Storm Ravens and Henchmen can provide meltas but they are either costly, flimsy or both so that leaves strength 10 from fists and hammers and they will generally find it hard to hit and it will lead those expensive grey knights having to get out of their transports and risk shooting.

So what do people think? Will the GK codex lead to more Landraiders being seen in lists?


  1. The chance of a heavy psycannon (4 shots) to penetrate armour 14 is 24%. The same chance for a meltagun (within melta range) is 39%. So there isn't a massive difference between these two. Add in the fact that with psycannon you will probably be able to shoot from the 1st turn and won't get your unit susceptible to a charge from the angry Assault Termies that used to be inside that LR.

  2. Literally just played against GK and I got annihilated. Took two raiders thinking he'd struggle but S7 rending psycannons took out one raider and ridiculous I6 weapons sorted the rest of my army out! Only thing left standing was ironically my land raider redeemer but with only flamestorms I gave up.

    Batrep later this week.

  3. One thing I learned form the indy GT:

    Don't worry about what "they" can do to you, concentrate on how you are going to mess them up.

    ie They are still MEQ and die like MEQ - but with fewer marines.

  4. Not sure about long term, but I'm sure we'll see some changes for a while as people figure out the GKs. S7 Rending is gross, no matter how you slice it. We're going to simply have to adjust like we usually do :)

  5. The problem with Grey Knights is that you simply can't fight them in close combat due to all the power weapons.

    You have to stay out of a close combat and shoot them instead, which is pretty tough when you're playing Space Wolves.

    However, there's nothing like focussed fire power, combi-weapon terminators or a Land Raider Redeemer to taking down lots of 3+ save models.

    My list won't be changing (and you know how much I love my Wolf Guard Terminators), but a Land Raider Redeemer seems like a far more likely prospect now.

  6. I've never been great at maths but I thought you have about 5% with penning with a psybolt, 50% chance of hitting, 16% of those hits then getting a 6 and then a 33% of getting the pen.

    Maybe my maths are wrong like but I'm still having trouble writing a decent list, finding a balance between getting bodies on the table, especially scoring units and getting the nice shiny toys.

  7. I was actually surprised by how many models my opponent had. I think I made a mistake taking a two raider list because it meant we had a similar model count. Adam's right you simply can't fight them in CC. Initiative 6 power weapons hurt however you slice it!

    Anyway, maths-wise they're still BS4 so it's 67% chance of hitting and don't forget their redeemers have T-L psycannons. Still a 17% chance of rending but they're S7 so it's guaranteed glance and 67% chance of pen. Pretty nasty eh?

  8. Of course you're right with BS4, it won't be long until my first attempt at a list for GK is up.


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