Friday, 15 July 2011

... and now for something completely different!

I may have mentioned that I'm starting up a Blood Bowl team to take part in the club's League. I've really got the bug and after taking a bit of a stuffing in my first game I was hooked. The dice looked more favourably on me in game 2 with a narrow loss against our very own Baron's Dwarves, but my Orcs put in a much more bashy performance consigning 3 of the little stunties to the seriously injured bin. Hopefully I'll be getting more games in over the next few weeks and in order to ensure that I look my best I've converted up some players (one notable exception, see if you can spot him!):

Black Orcs


Linemen and Thrower

Re-Rolls and Score Counter


  1. you just can't be blood bowl for all around mayhem and fun!
    really dig your counters dude - looking forward to seeing these painted up!

  2. StudentTeacher16 July 2011 at 01:44

    Your models look great! Very Orc-y and smashy!

    Have you come up with a team name and colors yet? Looking forward to seeing these guys finished up.

  3. They are "Da Orkanapolis Boltz" team colours likely to be blue and white, as per the Colts scheme. The Black Orcs and counters are primed and ready so I'll be starting them this week alongside my current Tyranid project.

  4. Wotcha Andy, had a quick look on the GW website where I believe you can download the BB rules. What exactly am I looking for?! Is it the 'Blood Bowl Competition Rules' pdf?

  5. Absolutely loving those orks, especially the re-roll and score counters.

    Fantastic work there.

  6. Have you got these finished off yet?  That Ork gyph counter is really sweet.  

    I just did some re-roll counters for my Vamp team:


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