Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My continued thoughts on Grey Knights

So the summer holidays are upon us and my first Grey Knights are now complete.

I now have 5 purifiers and 2 Dreadnoughts with no arms ready to kill the enemies of the emperor and today I went and ordered an inquisitor model from Warhammer world to pick up on Thursday.

However I continue to think about my list, I'm quite happy with the core of it,
the xenos inquisitors with their grenades to go with purifiers
the strike squads in razorbacks
the ubiquitous psfleman dreads

The problem comes with worries about dealing with AV14 and especially multiples of them. I commented on it as I first read the GK codex, how much anti heavy armour can you really get into a list?
The main thing with all the top tournament lists is redundancy and I just can't figure out how to fit some redundancy for my anti AV14. The clear choice is the vindicaire, however with no eternal warrior even a 4 up invulnerable isn't going to keep you alive for long when facing multiple long fangs units or vendetta spam.

So we also have acolytes with meltas, the problem is that you only have 3 melta guns in your unit and you also need to have multiples of this unit to keep them alive because unless your opponent is an idiot it will be the prime target for him. So it leads me to my latest thoughts, not bothering, hoping to get lucky with psycannons and using strength 10 hammer hits.

So over to you readers, how do you deal with high armour with Grey knights?

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  1. Blocking with your rhinos/razorbacks, Stun locking with psycannons/dreads if they dont have extra armour, or ignoring them. If they need to die, block then hammer. I'm personally taking two melta henchmen in Chimeras but that's just me, there are ways and I wouldn't worry too much, just concentrate on the mission. Killpoints is your only big worry with raiders, so clever positioning and luck is what you will need.


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