Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yet another sunday morning grey knights list

So here is another go after talking to a few people at yesterdays first company vets Doubles (which was an excellent event even though the turn out was a little low, I acted as a reserve and ended up playing 2 games both of which were enjoyable even though our list was poor because we made it without knowing what each other was taking) and Darren.

HQ - Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
Psyker mastery 1
Rad and Psychotroke grenades
3 Servo Skulls

1 x Vindicaire
2 x Purifier squads with 7 men, 2 Psycannons 4 Halberds and a Daemon Hammer. One of them has psybolt ammo because I don't know what to use 20 extra points on. Both have mastercrafted weapons because again I don't know what to use the last of my points on. The are obviously running about in Rhinos.

4 x Strike Squads (5 man) a psycannon 2 Halbards and a Daemon hammer in each. Cruising in razorbacks with psybolt ammo.

Heavy support
Honestly what do you expect?
3 Psyfleman dreads

That takes me to 1749 points
4 scoring units
2 heavy hitting close combat units that can deal equally with MEQ using Hammerhand (especially when coupled with the Inquisitors grenades, hitting on 4's wounding on 2's) and hordes with their cleansing flame.
12 twinlinked strength 8 shots
12 twinlinked strength 6 shots
4 psycannons with the strike squads
4 psycannons with the purifiers
and a vindicaire

Now the big problem I see with this list is lack of dealing with heavy AP however I am led to believe that a psycannon is statistically more likely to damage a land raider than a lascannon, I haven't worked out the maths so I cannot be sure and I also have the vindicaire.

So as normal I welcome your input on this list especially with what to do with the points in the red sections.


  1. Why Psyker mastery 1 on the Inq? If I were you I'd drop that. I'd also drop the extra bits of kit on the Purifiers along with the halberds on the Strike Squad, you really dont need them. I'd then drop one of the Psyflemen (shock horror).

    That would free up enough points for you to take a plasma syphon on the Inq, and take 2 of them with combi meltas to go with both Purifiers.

    Then I'd take two small henchmen squads in Rhinos to give you some much needed melta.

  2. Drop the Halberds from your Strike Squads- with only one attack, they really don't add much.

    You could use the points saved there plus Psybolt and MC points from the Purifiers to add a squad of Henchmen with some Melta in it- either Acolytes with Meltaguns in a Chimera or Servitors with Multimeltas. I'm not entirely sure why the Inquisitor has the Psyker upgrade; I guess for Hammerhand + Grenades when joining a squad to buff combat effectiveness?

    (DeadBaron's suggestions above are also pretty decent, but I don't like the Plasma Syphon- you have to be too close to use it.)

  3. Yeah its all about the Hammerhand, I did think about taking a second inquisitor.The lack of melta is a big issue I agree.

  4. Your missing out on the death cult assassins... 

    Dropping all the extra bodies and un-needed wargear should get you the points for 6-8 and rhino or 5 and razor :) 


  5. do you really need the death cults with a couple of big squads of purifiers?


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