Saturday, 2 July 2011

MSU with Grey Knights

I'm still thinking about Grey Knights a lot.

Like Space Wolves I have always liked the fluff of the army, Graham pointed out did I really want to start another power armoured army? The answer, yes, Its the Emperor's finest who attracts me to this game. I keep looking at making a Dark Eldar army but they just aren't Marines.

They still sing to me MSU and on Thursday a fellow first company vet was telling me about a Coteaz led army that features 9 Psybolt Razorbacks and 3 Psyfleman dreads. I wouldn't go that far because I would still want a majority power armoured army but I certainly like the style so here's what I think I'm going to build towards.

Vindicaire Assassin
5 man Acolyte Squad with Melta Guns in a psybolt Razorback (thinking about changing that for a Rhino)
6 5 man Purifier squads 1 Deamon Hammer, master crafter weapon for the squad leader, 4 Halberds in psybolt razobacks
Heavy Support
3 psyfleman dreads

so 6 scoring units
Vindicaire and Acolyte squad for dealing with heavy armour
21 twin linked strength 6 shots a turn
12 twin linked strength 8 shots a turn
Crowe is there firstly because I like Purifiers, secondly there aren't many power armoured HQ's most are in Terminator armour, thirdly on the charge he is great at taking out enemy HQ's.

So as always I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


  1. Cheating need an Inquisitor to have a henchman your damn codex

  2. Also, GK are a shooting army, not a combat one...those Purifiers should be in a rhino and have Psycannons.

  3. Pretty much as Baron has said.

    As for combat at T4 and a 3+ save you will die to the same sort of numbers like regular marines (even less than wolves/BA due to lack of banner/FnP).

    GK are a shooting army that can finish off stubborn folk in combat or insta kill big stuff if needed.

    But regardless of foe they still die like marines, expensive marines.

  4. Ahh I'd always thought you'd got to have Corteaz to have henchmen as troops didn't realise I needed an inquisitor, thats easy enough change though. As for the Psycannons, so the question is strength 7 rending or strength 6 twin linked. The heavy bolter also has the bigger range.

  5. Strength 5 with hammer hand, with 12 attacks on the charge at I5 how many space wolves, blood angels ect would be left to strike back?

  6. Well at WS4 vs WS4 that's only 6 hits and should be on average 4 wounds, so plenty I reckon - 5 counter attacking Grey Hunters and a power fist wolf guard will hurt (more so for that 1 turn with the banner in effect).

    BA would be screwed but with Jump Packs and/or fast Rhinos they would (Should) be charging you.

    Also don't think about things in a vacuum as BA and SW will have psychic defence so getting Hammer hand off isn't always guaranteed.

    Infact in every game vs GK so far they have taken so many Psychic tests they got hit by perials of the warp at the worse possible time! - But this is antidote evidence from me

  7. But then aren't you thinking about things in a vacuum?

    Even a jump pack army can't always get the charge and you aren't thinking about the shooting that I have talked about.


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