Sunday, 10 July 2011

BotCh Day 1

... I'd rather not talk about it.

Let's just say I went 1-3 and am sitting on 30 pts out of a possible 100. What particularly bugs me is that for game 3, despite losing my first 2 games, I was up against a top level tournament player playing leafblower guard (6 Hydras and 2 Vendettas). Huh? My one win of the day came in game 4 and from the bottom table. I'm not hopeful for day 2!

On the up-side I had a great game of Blood Bowl against TheBaron as part of our club's perpetual league. More of this in the future as I'm getting more than a little cheesed off with my complete ineptitude at 40k. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind loosing it's just that when I don't at least offer some resistance to my opponent It is a little embarassing!


  1. Hope your having better luck today Andy

  2. Bah, unlucky dude. Harsh list as well when going 0-2, thats when you want a nice momentum swinger. Good Luck on day 2 buddy.

  3. As the organiser I am really sorry to hear when people don't enjoy
    themselves so Andy, any suggestions on what could have been done to
    improve your 1st day please drop me an email mate.


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