Saturday, 30 June 2012

First impressions

I picked up the new 6th ed rule book this morning from a surprisingly busy Warhammer World. I've spent an hour or do reading through it and here are my initial thoughts... You get a lot of rule book for £45. Obviously, for that price you expect a weighty tome and you certainly get one. As before, it's a bit unwieldy to be getting out at tournaments so I expect the forthcoming mini-rule book will prove to be very popular. There's going to be a lot of confusion in the first few weeks of play. This is always the case with a new edition but I think some of the subtle changes will take some getting used to. I'm thinking here of things like cover now being 5+, FNP being 5+ but now working against AP1 & AP2 and Acute Senses now giving a re-roll on outflank edge rather than letting you re-roll night fighting distance. The other change that's going to take some getting used to is the "nearest man" wound allocation rule. There will be no more just sticking the Meltagun guy at the front as you get out of vehicles anymore. The game in general feels like subtle changes to 5th rather than sweeping changes, although I need to play a few games before I can be sure or that. In fact one thing 6th has done is re-energise my interest in the hobby which is good. I'm also looking forward to see how long it takes the Internet to "break" the new edition...


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    1. Good yo hear from you, Gav (only kidding earlier!). So will you be sticking with Wolves on 6th or trying out summat new for the new addition? Mick is going for Chaos Matines, Andy is thinking Daemons, and I might just get those IG finished off sometime this year - though with all the Psykers in the Nid army, I may stick with the bugs for a while longer!

  2. Well Space Wolves have the best anti psyker stull in the game.

    While Hoods get nerfed, runic weapons stay the same, add in the 6+ save for deny the witch and wolf tail talismans 5+ SW in effect get 3 goes to stop a power aimed at them..... on a 4+, then a 5+, and a 6+

  3. Presume you'd only get one save though, on keeping with saves against conventional attacks?!

    I can feel an FAQ coming on...


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