Friday, 29 June 2012

A answer to an earlier question - what are Wolves going to do about Air support?

I think this was the main question for me.

However people have now got their hands on the rule book and substantiating reports are telling us that we are going to do exactly what we did before shoot the hell out of them with missile launchers.

Just to cover the source I have now read this on Bolter and Chainsword on a thread that seems to have been given the hammer already and on the Warhammer Forums.

Missile launchers now have a third type of ammo which is flak. It’s at strength 7 Ap4 and allows missiles to hit fliers at normal AP.

So we have lost a point of strength but with hull points (and I think I am right in thinking that all fliers have 2) it doesn't matter so much because you can glance a vehicle to death.

Did the ubiquitous missile launcher just become even better and did 3 squads of long fangs become even more needed? I would say so

Happy days


  1. Hopefully they'll be a 10-15pt upgrade, rather than a straight addition, otherwise your Cheese Fangs just got even better!

  2. Michael Simpson29 June 2012 at 09:24

    Jealousy doesn't become you G

  3. so i'll be painting up the 6 bases of Guard missile launchers i've had sitting in a box for the last 10 years then!

  4. Michael Simpson29 June 2012 at 09:28

    It does say they are a optional upgrade in the rulebook entry

  5. I'd get an Aegis Defence Line with an AA gun to be manned by an objective-grabber unit as well. For 50pts you'd be mad not to.

  6. Straight addition I should expect. Look at all the free shit Blood Angels and Gay Knights get.

  7. sorry, you mean free shit like counter attack and an extra cc weapon?


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