Thursday, 28 June 2012

A new army for a new edition

2 more sleeps to go (unless of course you head to Warhammer world for the midnight opening, what do they think this is Call of Duty?)

So with 2 days to go a challenge has been set by Dan our resident campaign man at the first company veterans.

Many of the Veterans will be starting a Tale of 4 gamers style challenge which is being used to get more of us having a new army.

I've said many times on here that I would like to start a new army, I've toyed with the idea of Necrons, Traitor Guard and Grey Knights but I haven't finished anything.

My painting this year as with my blogging and my gaming has really ground to a halt. Wedding planning and extra work has put a stop to that sort of thing so Dan's challenge is exactly what I need.

The plan is to paint 200-300 points each month to build up to a 1750 point army with the idea suggested that at the end of it the group attends a tournament together.

You get a three points for completing your monthly painting oath (building, basing and painting), there is a bonus point for the person with the best painted models, there is a point for completing a game and each month there is a bonus task, these range from putting together fluff to building a diorama.

What army to pick then?
The rumourville is already churning over the inclusion of Chaos Space marines in the box set and for that reason I think I will be going with them.

I've always said my gaming is strongly influenced by my reading and throughout the Horus Heresy I have found the Renegades to be far more interesting than the Loyalists the only problem is I don't find the codex colourful enough to want to build an army so it’s a risk going for them.

Are they going to get the new codex that has been promised? Is it going to be legions rather than warbands? And if so what legion to go for?

The legion that has stood out for me in the Heresy has been the Word Bearers but the baron already has dibbs on them, do I go Word Bearer to Word Bearer with him or look for someone else?

Certainly needs thinking about.

So are you planning a new army for the new edition or just adapting what you have?

Look forward to seeing replies.


  1. I'm going to use the club campaign to get my Dreadnought army finished along side some extra bits and bobs.

  2. Hey fella, I'm not planning to do a new army for 6th. Ed. However, i am planning to do a whole raft of allied contingents over the next few years onto the armies I allready have- small collections of various races. Who knows, that may eventually turn into a whole army....

  3. I'm completely bucking the trend and going with Eldar, because when they get a new codex they are going to be amazing if Necrons and Dark Eldar are anything to go by.

  4. Hey,
    We did a tale of 4 gamers a while back. We had a blast doing it and it really helped us stay on track. We also did fluff and extra stuff for points. Not scenery because you don't use that so much in games (bring to tournaments) but we included 5 objective markers in our tale. We all ended up with a 1500points army before our tale ran out of steam but it was easy to add from there on. I did orks and for orks to get to 300points a month you need to paint a lot of models so we went with a certain number of models per month based on what type the are (10 inf. or 1 vehicle for example)
    Have fun and keep us posted of you progress.
    I won't really be starting a new army but I will expand my Ork Army further and work a little on a small Blood Angels list as a side project.
    For my orks I just finished the bommer and with 6th ed. around the corner I think I need some more flyers so I'll do some more.
    have a look here:


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