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40k Campaign Weekend - Animosity - Age of the Emperor

40k Campaign Weekend - Animosity - Age of the Emperor

I've been thinking about which events I'm planning on going to in 2013, and as ever my first port of call is the Warhammer Forums page here:

One in particular caught my eye - Animosity: In the Age of the Emperor. This is actually a campaign weekend rather than a tournament, and that is what appeals to me. I'm not naive enough to think that folks won't still take competitive lists, but what I do hope it that it will be played in a friendly manner, rather than the unforgiving win-at-all-costs mindset which unfortunately creeps in from time to time at tournaments. 

Animosity run a number of campaigns, with three being planned for 2013, as follows: 

- In the Age of the Emperor (30th+31st March 2013) 

- In the Novacastrian Hegemony (27th+28th July 2013)

- In the Heart of the Harbinger (9th+10th November 2013) 

The March 2013 event is set during the Age of the Emperor (hereafter abbreviated to AotE) and is based around the Ullanor conflict, which of course pitted the Emperor's armies against the largest Ork Waaagh ever mustered. The campaign weekend features four games over two days. Game one is a mass-participation, 1,000pt each airborne assault on the Ork stronghold, where every Imperial force must be a minimum 50% of flyers, skimmers, jet bikes, jump infantry, winged or jet pack infantry. 

Game two represents the logical follow-up to game one, it being an orbital invasion of the Ork base, with all Imperial forces starting from reserve. The force organisation is simpler this time round, the only real changes being that HQ (0-2) and Troops (0-6) are optional, but Fast Attack are mandatory and are a 3-6 choice. 

Game three is a doubles game, each player fielding 2,000pts (I think; it could be 2,000pts total) with no force organisation restrictions. On the Sunday, players have a choice: if you can muster 5,000pts, you play in the grand finale apocalypse battle which is the culmination of the Ullanor conflict. If however you cannot build such a mammoth army, you instead play in two smaller 2,000pt games instead, linked narratively to the main event. 

All in all I think it sounds like a great weekend of gaming, played in the spirit that (I think) 40k was intended - that is, thematically; playing out a story between a group of gamers where the results of one game materially affect the overall outcome. 

The weekend has plenty of Imperials armies ready to play, but really needs Ork players, so if you are a Greenskin (I'm looking at you Keith, Daryl & Andy!) then it would be great for the campaign to have you guys - plus any other Claws & Fists readers of course - along for the fight! 

The campaign details in full are here: 

WHEN?  30th/31st March
WHERE? Maunsfeld Gaming Ltd, Mansfield, UK
PRICE? £20.00
FORMAT: Campaign weekend - see the pack for more details.

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  1. Do you have any idea the pain involved in painting 5000pts of Orkiness, i will have to stay up from now to March to be ready in time!! Joking aside this should be a brilliant day, i was at the last themed tournament these lads ran just before Xmas and really enjoyed myself. I would recommend this to any one looking for a change to the norm and the chance to take part in a massive game of Apocalypse is well worth it( check out the pics posted on page 22/23 if you don't believe me)


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