Sunday, 27 January 2013

Battle Brothers - Decision TIme

A Quick Decision is not Always the Best Decision.
Man! It took us a couple of weeks (maybe months) finally settled on the following list for the Battle Brothers Tournament two days before-hand! It's a slight tweak on the list we play-tested against Grazer earlier that week:

Librarian w. Force Axe, Null Zone and Gate of Infinity

Sternguard x10 w. 3x Meltaguns in a Drop Pod
Assault Terminators x5 with Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields

Tactical Squad x10 w. Meltagun, Multi-Melta in a Drop Pod
Tactical Squad x10 w. Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter in a Drop Pod
Scout Squad x5 w. Sniper Rifles

Thunderfire Cannon

Aegis Defense Line w. Quad-Gun

For better or worse this is what we're taking, it feels familiar and comfortable to me and as long as we can stay away from Murderous Hurricane I'm hoping that Lysander will be able to make it to the end of a couple of games this time!

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