Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Battle Brothers - Game 3

Two games down and two wins, we were certainly feeling flattered by our luck and the fact that the lists we had faced had generally been good match-ups for us. Up next though was a very nicely painted Ork army with two Dakka Jets, Zogwart (or "Lysander's Bane") and a squad of Nob bikers lead by a Warboss. I felt a little better when I found out that only 4 of the bikers were Nob bikers but with the two huge Shoota boys squads as well I felt this was not a particularly good match-up for us.

Warboss, Bike, Power Klaw, Attacks Squig, Boss Pole
Old Zogwart
Nob Bikers x4, inc Painboy
30 Shoota Boyz inc Nob w. Klaw & Boss Pole
28 Shoota Boyz inc Nob w. Klaw &Boss Pole
Biker Boyz x7 inc. Nob w. Power Klaw
Dakka Jet
Dakka Jet

Mission: The Relic, Vanguard Strike deployment.

After some serious discussion we decided that, though small, the Nob Biker Squad were the main threat in the early game so we decided to drop the Sternguard & Lysander in to kill them. The salvo was effective, taking out the Warboss, Painboy and another Nob Biker. We'd considered that Lysander's Squad would be enough to take the Nob Bikers out so we'd dropped the Librarian and the Plasma Tactical Squad next to the 30-man Boy squad in the hopes that their firepower, combined with the Thunerfire Cannon, we could put a serious dent in the squad and perhaps even take out Old Zogwart. We managed to take out half the squad and put a wound on Zogwart. Not bad but we were in for some pain next turn.

As expected, the Boyz Squads shot and assaulted the Librarian’s Combat Squad, wiping it out but not before the Librarian and the Nob took each other down in a challenge. The Biker Boyz deleted the other Combat Squad in a similar fashion. The two remaining Nob Bikers made a bee-line for our Assault Terminators but failed their charge.

The Thunderfire Cannon opened up early in the turn managing to spread the love across three squads, finishing off Zogwart and reducing his squad to about 12, the 28-man squad lost 8-10 Boyz and it also took out 3 Biker Boyz causing the remaining 3 to break and run. Slight mistake here though, we used the Sternguard to finish off the Nob Bikers but I think they would have been better applied to the 30-man Boy squad and charging the Terminators into the Bikers instead. As it turned out, the Sternguard easily mopped up the last two Nob Bikers but the Assault Terminators failed a charge into the 30-man Boy Squad, losing a marine to Overwatch fire.

Both Dakka Jets came on and only lost a single hull point to Interceptor fire thanks to some jinking, in return, with the power of the Waaghh! behind them, they managed to wipe out the Scout squad manning the Quad-Gun. The Bikers rallied and formed up with the smaller of the two Boyz Squads and the combined fire from both Shoota Boyz Squads wiped out the Terminators.

With two very serious looking scoring units right next to the Relic and some serious firepower still on the board we needed a good turn here. The remaining Tactical Squad dropped in right next to the remnants of Zogwart's squad and the Sternguard advanced on the larger Boyz Squad. The between these two squads and the Thunderfire Cannon, the remnants of Zogwart’s Squad were removed from play along with the Biker Boyz and heaped sufficient casualties on the other Boyz Squad that they broke and ran. That was exactly what we needed.

The threat of extremely impressive firepower was still there in the Dakka Jets, one continued towards the Thunderfire Cannon but failed take it out, while the other moved to fire on the remaining Tactical Squad but fortunately did not cause any wounds. The dice were sticking firmly in our favour it seemed. The fleeing Boyz squad managed to rally and kill two of the Tac Marines but it was not enough for a morale check.

With the Sternguard and Drop Pod finishing off the Boyz Squad and the Tactical Squad moving to capture the Relic the game was out of reach of the Orks. We played through to the end of turn 6 but that only resulted in two dead Dakka Jets.

Result - 6-0

This was one of those games where everything seemed to go our way, the dice were fantastic for us, what mistakes we made were not badly punished and we managed to get maximum VPs thanks to a Turn 6 being rolled. This marked the end of Day 1 and left Gav and I feeling a little stunned, surely our luck could not hold through into day two ... could it?


  1. It was good fun even though we were on the receiving end of all that pain. If I remember right you scored 17 wounds out of 20 shots from the Sternguard on the nobs and 13 wounds from the first shot of the Thunderfire! I think that round of shooting sealed our fare! :-)


    1. Yep, it was a pretty brutal game, I could not believe how effective our dice were. But you certainly put out some pain of your own, we only had 8 Tac Maines, 5ish Sternguard, Lysander and the TFC left at the end of the game!

      If you fancy a game at Warhammer World some time, just drop us a line, we're regulars!

  2. Yeah that would be good, is it Wednesdays you go?


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