Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Battle Brothers - Game 2

This doesn't feel right ...

Buoyed by our success in game 1 we felt pretty good about facing off against Tyranids in game 2; and when our opponents said they were sticking with the book psychic powers rather than taking Biomancy I have to say I thought we were probably going to be able to take this one.

Winged Hive Tyrant, 2x TL Devourers
Genestealers x6 inc a Broodlord
Genestealers x6 inc a Broodlord
Termagants x10
Tervigon w. Crushing Claws
Raveners x3 w. Deathspitters
Carnifex x2

Mission was Emperor's Will with Dawn of War deployment

Job 1 was to take out the the Flying Hive Tyrant and after their performance in the first game the Sternguard got the call with the Quad-gun taking off the last wound, Next on the wish list were the Genestealers which the Libby's Squad had dropped next to, and with support fire from the Thunderfire Cannon they managed to kill all but two of them.

Bottom of Turn 1

The monstrous creatures began to advance across the board, the Tervigon spawned 9 Termagants, keeping them close. The Gargoyles and 'stealers charged Libby Squad, a volley of Overwatch fire wiped out the remaining 'stealers but the Gargoyles and Tac Squad ended the round locked , The Tervigon failed a charge at a Drop Pod, and the Raveners failed a charge at the Sternguard with Overwatch fire taking one out.

The Carnifexes were getting worryingly close to the Aegis Defense Line so between the Snipers, Quad Gun and Thunderfire Cannon we put 4 wounds on them and charged the Assault Terminators into the Brood finishing them off. The Sternguard opened up on the Raveners with pistols intending to charge and consolidate through them but the pistols were enough! The Librarian's Tactical Squad finished off the Gargoyles in assault and consolidated back to try and stay out of range of the Zoanthrope.

Realising the threat the Assault Terminators posed our opponents piled in as much as they could that was in range, charging the Tervigon, Termagants and the Venomthrope killing a single Terminator. In return the Terminators dispatched the Venomthrope and put two wounds on the Tervigon. The Librarian's Tactical Squad had misjudged their fall back and lost 3 marines to the Zoanthrope.

The Melta Tactical Squad dropped onto the enemy objective and, with support from the Thunderfire Cannon, gunned down the Termagants camping it. The Quad-gun targeted and doubled out the Enfeebled Zoanthrope. The Final Straw was the Assault Terminators finishing off the Tervigon and the resulting explosion took out enough Termagants to make them run.

Given that the only bugs left on the table were the fleeing Termagants and the last Venomthrope our opponents decided to call it there. It had been one of those games where everything had gone right for us, dice placement and tactics had all worked out as planned. Our luck was beginning to flatter us a little!

Result 9-0

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