Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year + Kill team: Operation Mortifico

First of all I would like to wish all of the Claws and Fists readers a very (slightly belated) Happy New Year to all, may you all have a great gaming year in 2013!

Secondly I would like to ask you for your advice on two Kill-Team lists that I have.  Bit of background information first of on April Warhammer World is running Kill Team: Operation Mortifco.  The rule pack below this paragrah but basically it's 8 games throughout the day of 200pts worth of models, 3 of which get a USR.  1 model also gets designated as a leader and has a Necromunda esque upgrade table that you roll on at the end of each game. You can choose from 0-1 elites 0-2 troops 0-1 fast attack but you are required to have legally sized units.

Kill Team: Operation Mortifco rule pack - Rule pack

I always take small armies and the lists I have prepared are no exception!

Stpace Marines "The Dirty half dozen"

6 Sterngaurd, 2x combi-plasma, 2x combi-melta, heavy bolter (USR relentless) Heavy flamer, sergeant with power weapon 200pts

I thought that this list would give me alot of firepower and the Sternguard bolters come with shells for all occasions and with the 6th edition overwatch rules this also has its benefits

Then on a recent train journey I thought about taking Grey Knights and came up with the following

Grey Knights: Kill Team Absolution 

Elites: Paladin, Nemesis Force Halberd, Eternal Warrior
Fast attack 5 Grey Knight Interceptors, Nemesis Force Halberd (On the justicar) , psycannon (Relentless)

As the paladin minimum unit size is 1+ he is a legal choice and I cant see anything in the rulepack preventing me from taking multi-wound 2+ save models.  The plan would be to stick the paladin as the leader and hope that he rolls a 3rd wound on the leader chart.  With a 3rd wound and eternal warrior he's even harder than usual.  The model count is again small but being interceptors the force is very fast and  will hopefully cause my opponent a headache as the only mission in the rulepack is an objective capture one I can just keep one Interceptor in reserve and shunt him in at the end of the game to claim it if necessary.  On top of that the bulk of the army having power weapons and storm bolters means going one to one with MEQ's means that I should edge them out

Anyone who can offer me any advice on which one to take will be taken seriously.  Hopefully my next few posts will document the creation of my kill-team and the first few games I have with them

Best wishes

Dave (The other other Dave)


  1. Looks like a really interesting tournament, I'm very tempted to join in! Though it would take me til Aoril just to decide what to take. Like thd 500pt tournament that Tim King runs (Summer Skirmish) there are just soooo many options for me to choose from. Eldar? Guard? Nids?

    And what to take from those lists? All Genestealers? A Termagant horde? An IG infantry blob? I'm flummoxed!

    As for your two suggestions, I'd pick the Grey Knights. The ability to move around the board at will is just too good, especially in an objective-based mission.

    What 200pt force would other readers take?

  2. I'm going to this again, the one in dec wsa sweet.

    I'm taking:
    15 ork shoota boyz
    nob (eavy armour), 1x Big Shoota

    6 Lootas

    6 d6 s7 shots and 30 s4 shots :D.

    Not sure on spec rules yet.


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