Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What If?

What if it wasn't only a month until Open War? What if I had time to put together a totally new army? Yesterday, we got to talking about Imperial Guard in the Comment section and I got to thinking, "What if?" Now, I've never put together an Imperial Guard list and I did this with just the Codex, a pen and a pad of paper (so no online Daemonhunters Codex, hence so Inquisitor, Mystics or Emperor's Tarot) Let's see what happens:

There can be lots of shooting in an Imperial Guard list and I've decided to start with Heavy Support;

2 Hydra Flak Tanks

Medusa, Bastion-Breacher Shells

Twin-Linked Autocannons that are especially good against Skimmers and Bikes? Yes please! High strength templates? Count me in!

Hmm, better get some HQ;

Company Command Squad, Medi-Pack, 3 Plasma Guns, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera, Heavy Flamer

Plasma Guns to scare off Terminators, Sanguinary Guard, etc, Medi-Pack to help with Gets Hot! and Officer of the Fleet to slow down enemy reinforcements. I've gone with a Heavy Flamer on the Chimera to add some duality.

Let's get some fly boys;

Veteran Squad, 3 Meltaguns, Vendetta

Veteran Squad, 3 Meltaguns, Vendetta

These guys can go scouting off to get some Turn 1 Melta shots in.

I've not read a great deal about IG on the 'net but I would imagine that this is a pretty standard base. Now to top this off I want to take an Infantry Platoon with lots of heavy weapons;

Platoon Command Squad, 4 Meltaguns, Chimera

Infantry Squad, Autocannon

Infantry Squad, Autocannon

Infantry Squad, Autocannon

Heavy Weapon Squad, 3 Autocannons

Heavy Weapon Squad, 3 Autocannons

Special Weapon Squad, 3 Flamers, Chimera, Heavy Flamer

Special Weapon Squad, 3 Meltaguns, Chimera

Lots of guys, lots of S7 dakka. I've also got a flamy anti-infantry squad and another anti-mech squad. That leave me with just 35 points. Single Scout Sentinel? Hmm, maybe not. Instead, let's make one of the Vet squads into a Demolitions squad. Then we have a demo charge we can chuck at a squad if we've taken out a transport. Let's also give our Platoon Command Squad Krak Grenades since there isn't really anything better we can get for 5 points.

If I was going super competitive I would have included that Inquisitor with Tarot and a couple of Mystics to stop those enemy Deep Strikes. I'd probably try to fit in more high strength, large template weapons to make it more like the legendary "Leafblower" From a purely fluffly point of view I would have liked to have fitted in a couple of Leman Russ Battle Tanks but I couldn't quite squeeze any in.


  1. I was actually having the same thought about starting Blood Angels. Maybe we could exchange armies? :P But to be honest I just want to make a small Sanguinary Guard army since I am a lazy guy.

    My thoughts about the list:

    1) Hydras: They are just awesome. I think probably in most games they are my MVP's. They can do anything from killing smaller vehicles, stun locking medium ones, destroying hordes and even make MEQ nervous with their high rate of fire.

    I was running them with HF but switched to HB since I end up shooting at infantry every game. I am also considering giving them Heavy Stubbers as well so they pour out even more shots.

    2) Medusas: Very good vehicle as well, I use 2 in my list. I would stay away from Breacher Shells though (small template and not being able to use the normal ammunition puts me off) since there are other stuff to deal better with enemy armour in the codex. Medusas are there to kill heavy infantry.

    3) Never used my CS with plasmaguns but I think it can work. As you said, medic is nessesary. Why not give your commander a plasma pistol while at it? I have some issues with officer of the fleet but it's a long story. He can be useful but he can also be a liability on cetrain situations.

    4) PCS should be used with the "Bring it down" since BS3 is not very reliable and it can really fail you some times. I like to run mine with 4 flamers, 4 grenade launchers (frag) or an autocannon.

    5) Vets in Vendettas are very useful. Killing a Land Raider on the first turn can disrupt your opponents plans beyong repair. Here is an idea which I haven't tried yet but looks good on paper. Don't take any special weapons for the squad and just use them to charge a vehicle. This can be very effective against multiple vehicles if they are parked close together. You might be able to charge 2 or 3 rhinos/razbacks at the same time and 10 S6 autohits are nothing to laugh at.

    Have to run but I will elaborate more when I get back. You ain't getting rid of me that easy :P

  2. Looks a solid list, I'm glad you're not planning on actually collecting a Guard Army ;)

  3. Thanks for the comments, some very good points there. I thought if you took Bastion-Breacher shells then you choose which shells to fire each turn. What do you think to the number of troops? This is the first IG list I've put together and I'm nit sure whether I've got too many, too few or about enough...

  4. Maybe I am *evil laugh* Nah, I'm going to put together a really broken DE army when the codex comes out. Unless GW release some Thunderwolves!

  5. Ok, I am sorry I thought it was fudal making this post. Discard my comment about Blood Angels. Althought I wouldn't mind some Space Wolves (which I think can tottaly pwn IG by the way) :P
    No, unfortunately if you take Breacher Shells you can only fire them so you lose the ability to shoot pie plates.
    I wanted to elaborate a bit more on your list tonight but I had a bit too many drinks tonight so I have to call it a day soon :P But I will do tommorow. Overally is good but needs some tweaking for what I have in mind.

  6. I have an Ork Army and I plan on doing 'nids in the near future, there's no way I'd have the patience to do another horde-style army (I would probably go for a blob/cc guard list rather than a chimera spam/tank heavy build)... and I hate painting tanks :)

  7. Going for a promotion at work at the mo (keep it on the DL though can't be jinxing anything ;) ). If I get it I might be in the marker for some 'nids by way of celebration ... that's also highly classified info given the fact that you know my wife!

  8. Ah, but painting tanks is fun. If you use the oldschool techniques that hostorical modellers are using you get good results pretty fast. Have you seen the way I paint mine?

  9. I like what you have done with your troops. Since you won't be using an Inquisitor with Mystics you will need something to protect your tanks from deep strikers and whats better than a big fat meatshield. Combine your squads to a big unit of 30 and surround your vehicles. This way your enemy cannot deepstrike within 6'' and use his meltaguns in full power.
    I will put a commisar in one of the squads though. This way you could tie up a close combat unit for a few turn. Even assault terminators will struggle to kill 30 guardsmen.
    Autocannon teams are good too but best used with the bring it down order. Same with the SWS with meltas since they are BS3. Flamer SWS is cool.
    Main issue really is that you don't have too many vehicles (for IG) and they could be destroyed fairly easily from a shooty army. You will probably have to use your chimeras to screen your Hydras and Manticore (for a 3+ cover save) which can take a bit back from your mobility.
    But overally I think mech+foot guard make a good combination since the units can support eash other very well.



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