Friday, 25 March 2011

2 games full of mistakes

So as you saw yesterday was the final of the Winter(/autumn/spring) first company vets final but before that I played Tim (Caledonian Tim as he may be known to you) with his nids in a warm up game. He had three trygons, three of the buggers than spawn more gaunts, plenty of guants them self and 6 hive guard as well as some genestealers. So what happened? Well basically I was able to hand tim the victory fairly early on. We were playing the multiple objective mission in a spear head deployment and my deployment was fairly terrible. I managed to box my rune priest rhino in, I left my thunderwolves isolated and my long fangs didn't have the best fields of fire. I also realise that I haven't been challenging myself with the opponents I have been facing. I don't mean this with any disrespect to the people I have played in recent weeks but I have played guard, MSU Space Marines and Necrons. All of the players are very good but they are all lists that my list should beat. None of them have got anything that should bother me in combat and I generally have enough long range fire power to put a dent in them before I get there. Yesterday however this wasn't the case and its something that I come up against whenever I face a specifically orientated army. Space Wolves are jack of all trades, not bad at shooting or assault. Nids clearly are a close combat orientated army and I underestimated it. I'm that used to sending my wolves in and watching them roll over things in close combat that was never going to happen against two trygons and from there on it was purely a case of my own stupidity and naivety. The second game was the final against Darren's Orks and again I made mistakes. We both had instances of terrible dice so I certainly can't blame them although if I could have made one thunderhammer hit life may have been different. Now the main observation that Darren made after the game was that I got none of my units out of my deployment zone except for my OBEL wolf scouts, so was this a mistake against Orks? Because they went first I was penned in from the beginning, should I have tried to out manoeuvre him or should I have done what I did and hoped to shoot better and thin them out? In all I'm not too sure, Darren most certainly deserved his win and the winners trophy (hope he did his hair in the end so Gav could take a picture) I'm quite pleased with my runners up trophy a year on since I started playing (although it was a bit like Millwall got to the cup final, I managed to avoid all the big tournament players on the way there). I'm going to try and play someone new every week for a couple of months now, might try and make it down to Maelstrom on a Thursday night to see a few different faces, maybe we could have a claws and fists outing. Tomorrow is another day and at this tournament I'm looking to win 50% of my games. I'm not gav so there will be no live blogging so look out for results either and remember if you are there and you want to have a drink just let me know.


  1. Well it isn't your fault mate. Darren's a beardy gamer!

    Seriously though, I hate playing Orks. You've got to do your best to thin them out before combat but most of the time you don't have a stack of firepower because you're used to playing armies you can beat in CC. Grey Hunters beat them in combat if you get the charge but otherwise it's a struggle.

    Anyway, if you know you're going to be at Maelstrom one Thursday let me know, I'll happily bring my Wolves (or Tau) down and have some Blog Wars practice against you.

  2. I hate orks too.

    Internet says they're crap but they throw so many dice at you that stuff will die! They are always my bogey army - I'd rather face a leaf blower than any ork army!!

    See you Friday/Saturday at the GT

  3. Space Wolves are a tough match up for Orks, speaking as an Ork player. You've got the fire power to thin things out and you can hold your own in combat. By fire power I'm referring to even the often under-appreciated bolter, no armor saves for Orks.

    Against Orks you really need to try and outmaneuver them. Sit back for a few turns and thin the ranks out and then redeploy, repeat and rinse. That's in an ideal situation and we all know how that goes but as a general plan that's the idea. Once thinned out then jump in into assault.

  4. I'm up for some Maelsterom gaming too, mate. Not been to WHW for weeks, what with being away for work and being down in Bristol so much, so any opportunity for some extra games is good! Thinking of going on Tuesday nights to Maelstrom, and WHW on Thursdays.


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