Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Secret Project...

Well I've been pretty absent as of late and that's for a number of reasons. I've taken on a new role at work which demands more of my time....and requires me to actually work. Secondly I broke up with my gf...then got back together with her, then we kinda took a break and now I don't know where we are at...but in any case I haven't mentioned it here as I didn't want to look like a whiney bitch like you might find on other blogs..ahem!

Following this I had a lot of work to do for the doubles, but managed to get everything painted in time...I'll get pics up sometime, honest. In addition to this my Grandfather has been quite ill over the last few weeks, and he passed away yesterday...on top of all this it was my Birthday last week, and I've been away a few times with the afore mentioned new job....So as you can tell from the above Blogging hasn't been at the top of my agenda, but I've still managed to get a bit of Hobby time in and a Game a week so it's not all bad.

What I want to talk about now I hinted at in a few earlier posts, and ultimately was the real reason for a contest I set up a little while ago for which I had a grand total of zero entries...which means a) I have to write my own list b) no one gets a spore pod and c) no one reads what I write...and it probably also means I didn't sing and dance about it enough....anyway, my next army is going to be Dark Eldar...with a twist. I'm fairly happy with my Orks and I'm just finishing some Stormboyz for them for Open War in April (which are awesome btw)...but in between that (and in between painting for the doubles!!) I've been buying up all the boxes of Kroot I see on ebay, along with Eldar Jet Bikes, Ravagers, Raiders, and bits...a lot of bits...to make this:

and this:

Here we have a Kroot with Blaster, and a Kroot on Jet Bike with Blaster/Heat Lance. Thats right boyz and grots, TheBaron is doing a "counts as" Kroot Merc army!

The "fluff" will be along the lines of, a Kroot Merc force who's Shapers have lead them down a path where their hyper nymune organ has developed due to eating lots of Eldar and DEldar hence BS4 and improved Initiative. On top of this there will be a lot of alien tech kicking around, invunerable saves will be due to fast refelexes, and combat drugs will be down to ancestral blessings. Some things I wont be taking in the list as they just dont fit ie Incubi, however I think the Codex works well for the Kroot and you should expect to see them develop over the coming weeks and months.

TheBaron out!

I rolled: 8 (4/4)


  1. Say it with me now...KROOOOOOT!!

  2. Now I know we said your next army should be Tau but this isn't what we discussed now is it? :P

  3. I thought about it, but I wouldn't want to look like a power gamer!

  4. Hi mate, sorry to hear about your grandad, that's never good news.

  5. By the way, I'm also very keen to play against your new Kroot. I'm a big fan of imagination in wargaming, so a scratchbuilt / custom army is right up my steet. Let me know when they're ready!

    Also... how about a Horus Heresy-themed campaign? We all have Marine armies that are perfectly suited to that era, your Word Bearers especially. I'm happy to right some fluff and run things (I like doing that sort of thing).


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