Monday, 9 May 2011

Blog-War Ensemble

Hi all,
After returning from a great week on holiday in Cornwall (variously eating, surfing, drinking and falling off cliffs into the sea), I have returned home and immediately booked myself onto the Blog Wars Tournament.
I will be bringing along my now-trusty Chaos Space Marines tournament force, which has already had two outings at Maelstrom tourneys already. My quandary is now, which character to bring along. I vary rarely use named characters, so I need to get to work reading my CSM codex, and I'll post my final army list here next weekend, so watch this space!


  1. Seconded! Kharn it right up! lol

    Or just go balls out and rock Abaddon...

  2. i must say, i pity you having to choose which character to use from that wreak of a book.

  3. ClawsandFists9 May 2011 at 22:08

    Break out the Eldar and take Eldrad. All the new psychic armies hate Runes

    Or your counts as IG Squats. You could take a short version of Straken for Futious Charge/Counter Attack fun

    If it has to be Chaos then I guess it has to be Kharn. Still him in your "lucky" Land Raider and Bob's yer uncle

  4. Great to hear you'll be at Blog Wars, look forward to meeting you there. - Andy

  5. I'm really looking forward to it. Hope I can get my pre heresy wolves done in time.

  6. Unfortunately the Squats aren't going to be finished in time - I've been concentrating my efforts on Pre-Heresy World Eaters the last couple of months. The Squats (counting as IG) will be my tournament army of choice one day though!

    So for Blog Wars, it'll have to be my usual Berzerker / Plague Marine army. Whether the 'lucky' Land Raider makes it into the list largely depends on if Michael (aka 'Simo') is coming to the tourney too. If he is, then the Land Raider HAS to go in - I think he's only ever managed to destroy it one in the last year, and it's turned into a bit of a running joke...

  7. I won't be there G, things are just too hectic at the moment, just finishing up my first company vets squad painting comp now


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