Friday, 13 May 2011

Summer Skirmish ideas

So Tim who ran the Caledonian open has come up with an idea that has really grabbed me.

A 500 point tournament with 13 games over one and a half days which is pool based. There can be no high armour vehicles (total can be no higher than 34) and no armour save 2 and no characters (possibly upgraded to models) with more than 2 wounds. You don't need a HQ just 1 troop choice so where can I go?

I'm thinking about a small squad of grey knights.

2 strike squads, with razorbacks and psybolt ammo
1 psyfleman dread

that still leaves 65 points which I would have to think how to spend but overall at 500 points I think that list can deal out enough fire to demech troops and unless you are coming up against some big blob squads of orks or nids there aren't much which will take a strike squad in combat.

For the wolves I thought about something like this

Grey hunters x 5
melta gun
mark of the wulfen
wolf standard

Grey hunters x 5
mark of the wulfen
wolf standard

long fangs x 4
3 Missile lanucher

2 x twin linked autocannon

Certainly more on the table, but not the same punch in close combat (although a wolf standard is a great balancing tool). Might have to trial both.

As always constructive criticism is wanted.

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  1. Looks like I could be free for the 500pt tourney. I'm off to see Iron Maiden on the Friday night so I may be a little tired and/or hungover at the enrolment at 9am Saturday morning but I think a dozen games in a day-and-a-half is too good to miss. I may even win a game or two !


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